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[Country] Spotify in Azerbaijan

Hello, my name is Ali, I am 15 years old and I would like Spotify to be available in Azerbaijan and not only me I downloaded music all the time, it lasted for about 2 years only 2-3 months ago I wanted to pay for music and spotify is the perfect application for me, I understand that it’s hard for me to make it, but I decided to try it.

Updated on 2021-02-27

Hey there folks,

Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're very happy to confirm that Spotify is now available in Azerbaijan.


There's some more information on this here.


Happy listening 🙂


@mrilyaskarimov wrote:

Hello Sir/Madame,
I hope, you are having a good day. I did not know where to send this email, so I’ll be sending it to other emails related to Spotify Information I found.
I’m an Azerbaijani student who is studying in Azerbaijan, I've got acquainted with Spotify recently and I liked it so much. As you know, Spotify is not available in my country, and we cannot not listen to it until we download it with a different country in the store.  I have been wondering why Apple Music is available but not Spotify, even Apple Music’s prices are really convenient for my country (Individual 4.99USD, Family Package 7.99$ per month) and cheap compared to USA. Have you ever wondered to cooperate and make it available in Azerbaijan as well? I will be grateful to help you and do anything required. Let me give you some information about me.
I’m Ilyas Karimov, a student in ADA(Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy) as a Computer Science student. I’m 19 years old and I’m always willing to learn new things,I’m good at programming/making websites/database(SQL), Other than that, I have worked as a volunteer and attended to social activities as well.  I’m also good at languages, and I can also help in translating the words from English to Azerbaijani. I have a group of friends who are also computer scientists/engineers who love to use Spotify, and they are also willing to help and support me. I have gained my business skills  from my father Fail Karimov who has made his own business at the age of 27 and is the owner of IK Electronics (His own company, he changed it to IK Electronics after I was born and because of some problems in Azerbaijan, he had to close the company this year and work for the Connect TV, but till this day, he was accomplished and still he is very good at business ) in Baku. He is also willing to help me in this field.Meanwhile, I’m also willing to open and be the administrator of Facebook page of Spotify Azerbaijan (If such things are required).As I have experienced team work, I’m sure that my team is going to do well. If you have any requirements/suggestions/ rules, let us know.
Thank you so much for reading my email. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards,
Ilyas Karimov



Good luck Ilyas!


We want Spotify in Azerbaijan! Fully support.


good luck!


Such a nice idea,I am also willing to use it. Good Luck 😉 


I support you! Good luck!


Please, Open 😔😔


Yeapp! Spotify, pls come to our country, Azerbaijan!! We need you!


great idea. I also support this as everyone, but we forget one more thing, without support of record label studios and companies Spotify would hesitate about Azerbaijan.


active now?