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[Country] Spotify in Azerbaijan

Hello, my name is Ali, I am 15 years old and I would like Spotify to be available in Azerbaijan and not only me I downloaded music all the time, it lasted for about 2 years only 2-3 months ago I wanted to pay for music and spotify is the perfect application for me, I understand that it’s hard for me to make it, but I decided to try it.

Updated on 2021-02-27

Hey there folks,

Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're very happy to confirm that Spotify is now available in Azerbaijan.


There's some more information on this here.


Happy listening 🙂


Dear spotify please make it happen




Please let us to use Spotify at Azerbaijan. We love this app and I wanna use it . Thanks


This perfect idea! 


Hi. I am from Azerbaijan and I live in Germany. Everybody in Europe uses Spotify. One of the best Music Stream Platform. Its very easy to Download and Listen to music online and offline. 

I cant find any Azerbaijan Music there. In Spotify you Only find some old Azeri music. But its very old. We want the new Songs in Spotify. Here in Europe there are Many people  from Azerbaijan. They want use spotify Listening to Azerbaijanian music online and offline: in the Gym, in the car, at home, in the forest when you walk,... So give the users and the artists this chance. Everybody want this. Because nobody wants to listen to good music with Bad quality downloading the music from YouTube. And for the YouTube music you pay 3times more than for Spotify. The artists can earn money for their work and the users will be  happy to listen to their work and will pay for it. Students and families will profit from Spotify offer. Here in Germany Students pay just 5€(10 Manat). FAMILIES could share there accounts with 4-6 Users. Its a Win Win Situation. So let us Stay together and shout out loud. For more freedom and opportunities for the artists and users 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽


Bütün azərbaycanlılara salamlar. Dəstək olaq. Əminəm məqsədimizə çatacağıq. 


It would be great to be able to use Spotify in Azerbaijan. We have here Apple Music and russian service Yandex Music, but they suck in my opinion. Spotify has some kind of different level in user interface and recommendation algorithm. Please, make it happen.


İnşallah spotify Azerbaycana gelir


bu ideyanı fresh saxlamaq lazımdı. tez tez reply edin. yuxarı qalxsın.


Spotify Azerbaycana gelsin

  1. Azerbaycan da spotify