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[Country] Spotify in Israel

Hey Spotify team,

Please make Spotify available in Israel! I loved using your app in Australia, and now, in Israel, I'm feeling the loss.

Updated on 2018-03-16

Spotify was launched in Israel earlier this week. Happy listening!




Yes Please!!!!


Yes Please !!!


Yes Please!!!!



The emeging Loseless music format is great. I really would like to have Spotify in Israel with that new feature (currently using Tidal)


I agree,

Moved from US and also feeling the loss.

Apple Music is here for around 7$ a month, but I'm sure you can compete with them, especially with your 5$ student offer.

Thank you.


if spotify will be on israel they will make more money from ads then any other country the CPL in israel is 0.03-0.30$ and the CPV is aound 0.1-0.5$ and the CPC is 0.3$ - 1.5$ but for now apple music take from them alot of users....


Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it

Updated on 2017-06-21

Hey @Tikvahf! Thanks for your idea. We want Spotify to be worldwide--Spotify is launching regularly in new countries. Please keep an eye on the Spotify blog or signup here to be first to hear if we launch in Israel. We hope to see you soon!

I would like to understand why you the community managers are going so slowly? The Spotify Brazil told me, just post your idea for the public vote, when it's quantitative acceptable we may start a process.

We have a lot votes and nothing occurred.

Well, it's weird your automatic answer again... Real and Shekalim is the same value 1 Real cost 1 Shekalim.

Also, here it's a home place from the software development in the world and that's it? Rolling everyone the forum! I would like please one moving forward about that to Spotify come to Israel! Sorry, is the second time the automatic message received again from the community manager, the impression you are giving to us (I don't care for my users). I was community volunteer from Steam Brazil and I know how to help people, and is not correct don't care for users and reply using bot.

Thank you! I want a good community manager replying us please without bot management.


Cant wait for spotify to be in Israel!