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[Country] Spotify in Israel

Hey Spotify team,

Please make Spotify available in Israel! I loved using your app in Australia, and now, in Israel, I'm feeling the loss.

Updated on 2018-03-16

Spotify was launched in Israel earlier this week. Happy listening!


Spotify = amazing

Cant wait till you gonna release in Israel




Please Spotify, we all like to have a working music streaming app.

And you are doing much more than just music, I'm loving your podcasts.

I think that even most of us will be a premium user thank to all of your features




I'm happy to see that spotify coming to Israel until the end of 2017.


Links that talk about it:


Spotify team, please approve this.


I want to help with this process in any way that needed.


Thanks Spotify for bring the music to my ears.


Gal Argov Sofer

G.A.So Hop


Amazing Indeed!
Thank spotify, Me and my friend can't wait!


 In Israel people love good music. There are also plenty of local talented musicians. So I wonder why Spotify is hesitating of making it available there. I would really like to hope that the problem is not political and has nothing to do with the BDS movement. 


Yes. Don't understand why it's taking so long!!


Still waiting...

please do!!!


I saw that spotify is already recruited already positions for israel (media marketing mangaer and some more) 

I hope you will be available here soon 🙂