[Country] Spotify in Nepal

Spotify users are increasing day by day in Nepal so considering that we extremely need Spotify access and payment from here. I hope this message will be acknowledged soon.

Updated on 2021-02-27

Hey folks,


Thanks for all of your votes and for your patience!


We're beyond happy to confirm that Spotify is now available in Nepal.


If you'd like to learn more about the launch - take a look here for more info.


Enjoy your music!

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Updated on 2019-06-06

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Agreed! In Nepal the only way for us to stream music is through YouTube and while it does the job for streaming singles, it's still a hassle to find out the other tracks from the albums. There are streaming platforms available but they don't include as many artists. Also if Spotify premium is to be considered, I can assure there are people willing to pay if the rates as reasonable. 


La hai ta lunituni


If they make it available. I am willing to pay for the premium. Seriously we really need some streaming platform. 

We have no streaming platform except YouTube. 

If they are available here now when music is becoming so big here, I am sure so many people will be using it,Even premium. 


We all know that how big platform in Music Industry for streaming, I'd like to informed you that if music didn't say that where are, I mean which country would haven't to listen n didn't reach, where I lived Nepal.  

Then why not in my country to available 😭  I'd kindly request you that plz prefer n notice about this to avaiablities spotify app in my area 🙏

when will we get to stream music on Spotify without using vpn!!! Ughhh 


will support and they deserve to have Spotify too 


Now that we have gathered 500+ votes (500 was needed for it to be considered), can this proposal get acknowledged? We really need an official streaming site. I can guarantee there are MANY that would use it on daily basis, premium. I am ready to be buy premium myself. Please we really need Spotify!

Hoping to get response soon. 


We really need Spotify. Since we don't have any another streaming site many Nepalese will use Spotify if it will be available and the premium too 

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We hope to see you soon!