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[Country] Spotify in Serbia

Please consider allowing Spotify in Serbia.

There are a lot of people doing various hacks in order to get the premium account, it's so frustrating that we can't use it like the rest of the world.



Updated on 2020-07-15

Hey all,


Thanks for bearing with us! 


We're excited to share with you that this idea has now been implemented! Your votes matter and we thank you all for contributing to its implementation 🙂 

It is not happening right now,waiting like hundred years

Funny thing is that on Spotify you have Serbian bands, I mean you have Riblja Corba for example which is Serbian band, but in country Spotify is unavaible... Funny, please make it happend.

Well there are many serbian artist,and they are also verified for some
reason, I have even personally friend who is verified artist on spotify.
But still there isn't any possibility to have spotify in Serbia as a user.
**bleep** that logic....

When it will be allowed in Serbia?

We realy need it!

Don't know,this is just forum for the idea spotify serbia. No one from
Spotify answers to this question yet.

You can listen serbian artist but if you are in serbia u can't login in Spotify, why? Why are we different? Pleaseeeeee we need you soon much. ❤❤❤






We need Spotify soon much

Serbia need Spotify!!!

It's 2018!!!!!!




Hey guys,


I'm not a Spotify representative but I think I know thing or two that could explain the state of things:


- if it was up to Spotify, everyone in the world would be having all the music in the world. The problem are the publishers. Spotify needs to negotiate a deal with all major publishers about distributing music in Serbia. That is a lot of legal work. There are also many other streaming platforms that are not available in Serbia because of missing contracts. 


So Spotify is waiting until streaming and publishing rights are negotiated with Serbia distributing representatives and then Spotify will only latch to this deal, which is much cheaper option, and safer legal-wise. 


The same thing is happening in Croatia. Croatia, although in EU, is not supported by Spotify. Out of all ex-YU countries only Slovenia is supported - because they negotiated the distributing and publishing deal many years ago.


Another example is iTunes Music store - you cannot buy music in any of ex-YU countries other than Slovenia. 


The question now is - when this deal will be negotiated? That I don't know, but the rumor is that all ex-YU countries (other than Slovenia) will be negotiated in bulk. 


Then the mistery remains - how Deezer is allowed to stream music in Serbia? I really don't know - they must be having some special deal with the publishers somehow. 



I second this. We already have deezer premium and Google play music premium offers for 4 years now, with unlimited music access. If they've done it (having contracts with legal authorities and allow people to buy subscriptions and play music) I don't really see what is the stopping point here? At least give us free tier access until you sort out all the legal stuff


@RockyMM303 wrote:


Then the mistery remains - how Deezer is allowed to stream music in Serbia? I really don't know - they must be having some special deal with the publishers somehow. 

They have obtained all the legal agreements needed. Google play music also, and everyone forgot to mention that. We can stream, buy full albums etc, without a hitch. This is just to second the notion that there is nothing stopping Spotify from reaching same agreements with whomever they have to...