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[Country] Spotify in Slovenia

As the title suggests we would like to have Spotify in Slovenia.

I just recently moved back from the UK and I had Spotify there and all my favorite songs in library and now I can't log back in because there is no Spotify in Slovenia.

Updated on 2020-07-15

Hey all,


Thanks for bearing with us! 


We're excited to share with you that this idea has now been implemented! Your votes matter and we thank you all for contributing to its implementation 🙂 


+1 vote for slovenia


I am slovenian living in Sweden and to me  not to have spotify is unimaginable. All I listen is spotify music. I hope my friends in Slovenia soon will agree with me! 


+1 vote from me


+1 #stillWaiting 😛 😛


Any updates? I'd really appreciate if Spotify will be available in Slovenia after I return from my study exchange in Portugal

I'm a student in Maribor, Slovenia, and I wish Spotify was available!


Agreed, obviously people would use it if it was available. Who wouldn't want this kind of convenience? Make it happen, guys.


+1 from me

Is it really that hard to expand to Slovenia? It's an EU country, probably the only one besides Croatia NOT to have Spotify! Come on 

Exactly! If the problem is translation I can help you with that without any money in return. Just please make it happen soon! Such an amazing app #SpotifySlovenia