[Country] Spotify in South Africa

Status: Implemented

We South Africans deserve Sporify too. As South African Please give this page a Kudos.

Thannk you. 


Keep headbanning from South Africa. 


Updated on 2018-11-16

Hey folks,


Thanks for all your votes and support!


Spotify is currently available in South Africa.


You can view a list of all the territories where Spotify is currently available here.


Happy Spotifying.

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Updated: 2015-11-27

Marked as new idea.


I agree totallly! Don't isolate us to deepest darkest Africa - share the joy!


Not anywhere near SA, but I know the feeling, so supporting it.


Thanks fot the Support guys I would really like to see spotify in Africa and South Africa. Spread the word Thanks all. 



Can you use a VPN service to get on? 


Yeah we can but its a real pain man. I mean for a country that hosts a Ultra Music fest every year and also soon to host a Tommorowland in 2017.  




Please please Spotify! I've used all the major music streaming services, Apple Music, Google Music, Deever, etc and Spotify for me is on top! The exchange rate conversion though makes it 3x the price when compared to the others which have local price support... Desperate to have RSA officially supported!


I Agree...please bring Spotify to South Africa. There is so much interst here.


Bring Spotify to SA please !! 😄 


Is there anything that we can help Spotify to set up in South Africa and the neighboring countries too? Like is there a reason that it is not yet set up, and what is that reason so that we can figure something out to get it to us?