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[Country] Spotify in Ukraine

Hi Spotify team!

When watching Eurovision on TV in Stockholm this year I couldn't but think why Spotify is not yet registered in Ukraine? Eurovision 2017 in Ukraine would be a great marketing kick-start for the app in this country. Unlike Russia's personal data laws, Ukraine has no such restrictions of keeping the data only in Ukraine, so one large chunk of a problem is away. 

Although I currently live in Finland (relocating soon to Stockholm), I have test run the idea on my Ukrainian relatives/ friends/ partners etc. and it'd be successful there. Similarly to Russia and all the illegal music streaming through social media and online sources, there is a shift among user behavior - preference to have access to lots of good quality music all the time at any place.

Updated on 2020-07-15

Hey there folks,

Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're very happy to announce that Spotify is now available in Ukraine.

There's some more information on this here!

Happy listening!


I have waited almost 10 years for your email to "Be the first to know when you launch". It`s ridiculous. Google/Apple music doesn`t give that satisfaction level from listening music. How many years do you need to understand that there are thousands of people waiting for your service to launch in Ukraine? But I`m still waiting, and I still want to "Be the first to know when you launch"!


In the meantime I signed up for Google Play Music. It kind of sucks since it doesn't have all the music you would probably wanna hear + its "stations" tend to repeat tracks too often, BUT it's quite cheap and I think it'll be a fine alternative for Ukraine till 2038, the year when Spotify discovers a country with 40-mln people on the map 🙂


Please run Spotify in Ukraine

I agree. You need launch Spotify in Ukraine. I will buy premium subscription definitely 


We don't have the best music service in 2017 in Ukraine? It's ridiculous! Please , launch Spotify!!!


Please, start Spotify in Ukraine!

Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it

Updated on 2017-06-21

Hey @AnkkaZ Thanks for your idea. We want Spotify to be worldwide--Spotify is launching regularly in new countries. Please keep an eye on the Spotify blog or signup here to be first to hear if we launch in the Ukraine. We hope to see you soon!



 We, ukrainians, want to listen to qualified music at this service!


We look forward that you launch Spotify in Ukraine!