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[Country][Subscription] Add Premium Family for South Africa

Welcome to South Africa, Spotify 🙂 


Your amazing family plan, would be a great + welcome addition here. Being able to easily, and cheaply, sign up my family under 1 account would make billing a breeze.


And shame, my technologically challenged mom and dad (who type in 'google', into their Chrome URL bar so they can search for google, and then google something) wouldn't know where to start in setting up billing and all that... Being able to manage this for them via my account, would be amazing.


Thanks kindly - for your attention to the above, and for coming to SA.

Updated on 2020-05-12


Thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange!
Listening together as a family is about to get even better - Spotify Premium Family is now available in South Africa.

Getting started is easy - just visit, follow the steps to create your Premium Family account, and invite family members you live with.


Common SPOTIFY activate family plans in South Africa. Here are plenty of people eager to move over to Spotify if they had a Family plan!!!

Please make it happen.


Family plan and student plan would be great. Would definitely boost your customer base as it would put you in competition with Apple Music in SA seen as they offer student plans and family plans thus reaching different and consequently more segments of the market which is why Apple Music is a more feasible option in SA at the moment as opposed to Spotify ($ people budget in SA since our overall debt per capita in the country is very high, thus more affordable plans = more people who would switch from Appple Music to Spotify). Just a good idea overall. 


I have moved from downloaded music to spotify premium please add family plan for South Africa so that we also have all the bells and whistle of Spotify premium isn't that the meaning of having premium subscription. Please


Hey Spotify Team


I would like stress how great it would be to have a family plan in South Africa! You have a great app in place just please and kindly start adding sweets to the cake. 


Please prioritize this, I have noticed how most of us would love to switch to Spotify except it doesn't have a family plan. 


Keep us posted on the progress of this feature! 


Thank you guys, keep doing the great work!


Cant wait for updates 


Signed up for Apple Music Family today, but really would have preferred Spotify!


Was 100% ready to switchover from Deezer Family Plan to Spotify until I discovered that this feature isn't available for South Africa yet... Will stick to Deezer until you release a family plan option.


This is the only reason I, and seemingly many other South Africans have not yet switched over to your platform. Seems like a no brainer guys!


Please put time into this.


Over a year since this post was started and you **bleep** still have not bought a family plan to South Africa.


I have supported Google Play Music instead, you don't seem to care.


I will not be using your service whatsoever, it makes no sense not to activate this option.


Hi Spotify,

I am currently paying for 3 plans for my family, I would like to know when this will be looked at. I stopped listening to podcasts so I am now moving my family back to google play music.

It has been well over a year and still waiting on feedback