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[Country][Subscription] Add Premium Family for South Africa

Welcome to South Africa, Spotify 🙂 


Your amazing family plan, would be a great + welcome addition here. Being able to easily, and cheaply, sign up my family under 1 account would make billing a breeze.


And shame, my technologically challenged mom and dad (who type in 'google', into their Chrome URL bar so they can search for google, and then google something) wouldn't know where to start in setting up billing and all that... Being able to manage this for them via my account, would be amazing.


Thanks kindly - for your attention to the above, and for coming to SA.

Updated on 2020-05-12


Thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange!
Listening together as a family is about to get even better - Spotify Premium Family is now available in South Africa.

Getting started is easy - just visit, follow the steps to create your Premium Family account, and invite family members you live with.


So looking forward to having the family plan feature arrive in SA- v happy to have Spotify here.


I agree, premium for family will be the reason to move over with everyone. For now I'll have to keep them all on Google PayPal Music 


Please bring Spotify family to South Africa


So i have my daughter sitting next to me, humming and signing to some of her newly discovered songs on her own phone after just getting her own profile, but do you know what would have been REALLY GREAT spotify  ? - if i was able to get a family plan so both my kids could also get premium features and listen to the songs they want to instead of having to shuffle random albums !


Please implement the family plan ASAP. I really don't see what the holdup is ? Other countries have it - why can't we also have it in SA ?




I would like to subscribe to this Family plan as well!


We really need family accounts. 


The more countries the better!


If there are no plans to have a family plan I will be going back to Aplle music, please advise soonest


I hope this gets implemented!


Agreed, you are competing with Apple music that already has family subscriptions in South Africa, it only makes sense to launch family subscriptions here too otherwise there is no reason for me to move over to a premium Spotify subscription.