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Crossfader option

Status: Implemented

I think it would be nice to have a crossfader option similar to what's available on some iPods. You set a certain time when you want the crossfader to engage, so like 5 seconds before the song is over, Spotify starts playing a new song and fades into it.


Can this thread now be locked pleased? A zillion thanks isn't much use and each reply just sticks older threads further down the list.


Thanks for the update btw. Crossfade doesn't interest (a work Android app and tablet support does) but thanks anyway.


The crossfade function is really bad!!


There should be an app that would allow you to mix songs better then just 12 sec crossfade.


One should really look into this! An example could be an app looking like;

Mixmeister Fusion. In essence, this idea is about including a mixer in Spotify.


What is the status on this?