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Customization of playlists (cover and description box)

Hello, Spotify Community! 


One of the things I enjoy about Spotify, is that I get to share music I enjoy, with people all around the world. But how great would it be if it was possible to customize your playlists, to make it your very own. And it doesn't necessary need a lot of advanced or fancy stuff, just your picture of choice for the cover (instead of 4 album covers from your tracklist) and a description box, would be enough to make it kind of original (and make it easier for people to know what kind of music the playlist will include/what it's made for etc.). 


Here's an illustration of how I imagine the customization being put to use:




Let me hear what you think of it, and give it some kudos if you feel like doing so. 🙂


Have a good one, 

- JimmyLQD


Other ideas:

Popularity Bar / Measure in Playlist



Updated: 2016-10-20

We’re excited to finally share that you can now upload your own playlist cover and description on Desktop. Uploading via iOS and Android to follow. The feature is slowly rolling out so if you don’t have it yet check back soon. Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy!


I'd really love to see a feature like this on Spotify.  It would be even better if each song could be annotated individually - much like how text can be attached to songs you send to other users (with the tiny speech bubble indicating annotations) except the text would be attached to songs on the playlist and available for anyone who was listening to look at.

If we are allowed to personalize our playlists we should be able to personalize playlist artwork to!



Great idea!

Hey there,


You can get this feature. I have customized playlist 🙂 Open my playlist in Spotify and see what I mean!



Just contribute here in Spotify community, and you may be rewarded with this fun gift!


This would be a very cool feature to have available for editing playlists. This addtion to the spotify platform would be a very useful feature. 


Ok,just came across your suggestion while searching to see if this was already implemented.Since the addition of the "Discover tab" this showed up in my Discover appears to be a regular users playlist (a person i do not know) what caught my eye is the fact that his playlist has an original cover AND a description. Any ideas on this?? (see link below)



Great idea!

It's already possible, just needs to be widely available!




It's perfect idea! better way to advertise playlists private/bussiness. Make it real i would say !