[Daily Mixes] Save Daily Mix offline

Anyone else think spotify should make daily mixes offline? I know it uses alot of music but what if it doesn't need to download every song. There should be an option that allows you toggle between saving a mix offline that day. For example if you wanted to toggle it so it downloads, it will download the first 30 songs of the mix. But the only bad thing is that you will need to do it manually everyday.

Updated on 2019-10-31

Hi folks.

You can download Daily Mixes now, so for all intents and purposes that encompasses the core of this idea.

For that reason I've set this to Implemented.


I didn't read through all the comments so I don't know if anyone suggested this already but I've wanted to do this as well.  Here's how...


Create a new playlist - example "Daily Mix 1 - November, 2019", then play daily mix 1 and (for desktop app) go to the play queue and select all the songs in the queue and add them to the new playlist.  You now have a frozen in time daily mix.


It's probably more difficult for mobile devices because while the same thing theoretically works I don't think there is a select all in the play queue so you'd have to copy one at a time 😞