[Desktop] Add an option to disable new desktop overlay

The new desktop overlay feature is pretty neat.. But I have noticed it gets annoying in the longer run and unfortunately disturbs work as it covers tools and features of the apps I use.


In any other apps, option to disable such features are completely obvious. But for some reason Spotify does not user control lot of things in the app.


EDIT: The new version now has an option to disable this window!

Updated: 2016-12-07

Hey folks we've implemented this for our Windows users. Thanks!

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Yes, it annoys me so much I stopped using spotify for this evening. How can it be that features like this cant be switcht off by the user?

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Updated: 2016-10-27

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the post an idea button wasn't working for me so i'm posting mine right here. i'm a peace corps volunteer who enjoys spotify from time to time. as well as the limited internet i get monthly. with spotify now using video ads, i've discovered that takes CHUNKS of data away. CHUNKS. and i can't seem to find a solution for it other than to not use spotify or pay for premium. so spotify. if i'm right in the limited amount of solutions available, well, you're a real puto inconvenience. 


Its pretty annoying when you play games, and if you try to switch volum on the song, the volume on the game change too.. 


You can change how long popup will be displayed in Settings Charm. Click on "Change PC Settings", then Ease of Access > Other Settings, and change the length of time to show notifications for in the drop-down box.

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Veeroo Windows 10 default setting is 5 seconds and you can't make it less.


I hope they add an option for this as I use keyboard shortcuts to change songs and the overlay covers important features in the apps I use at work :(


I just can't use Spotify this way. There is a whole bunch of comments including mine right here: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Desktop-Linux-Windows-Web-Player/Popup-forces-on-top-when-changing-...


I noticed coming to work this morning, that my (locked) computer had one of these spotify cards showing over the lock screen.

Basically everyone could've seen on my locked work computer what I was listening to at home.

I still share all this data through last.fm, but this still feels like an invasion of privacy. Why do I want all my devices - even locked ones - to show everyone what I'm listening to, regardless from what device I'm listening on?


Screenshot (65).pngcan't even type anything into the search box!


Stopped using Spotify because of this new pop-up feature.