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[Desktop] Bring back Lyrics


Allow me to re-edit again, in premise, that thanks to all of you this idea keeps receiving votes, and I am grateful to each of you, and when I expressed this desire as an idea I was a newbie, I owe to the professionality of Marco and Toku, whom I thank again, that I became aware that this idea it’s by no means new, nor even mine but Spotify’s, yet it is properly expressed, and it is shared by enough Community members for it to be still alive, and I agree with Arcanscape that, "We really need the lyrics feature", and I just notice an excellent temporary alternative of “SpotifyLyrics” kindly programmed and provided by Mirth (fr31): (via scoobyTdog), it works very well on my Pc 🙂 and I invite you all to try it.


Whilst singing might be fun, I have another approach to lyrics and sound, which is of course not mutually exclusive, and I read the words to see if I like them as I enjoy the melody, if I see myself in the lyrics, if I share the values expressed, and this is easier by having the words at hand.


So please Spotify bring back the Lyrics Feature most elegantly -- as you did with restyling the Community -- when you find a better Lyrics Provider.


Reading and listening might be even better than karaoke, although not as fun 😉

and every member could always do both, even just singing, as a very close person in my family does, and many other people do.


Thank you for evaluating, with my warmest and most sincere Regards.


Marco, a poet at heart


Updated on 2021-11-18

Hey folks,


Thanks for your feedback on the Lyrics feature. We’ve heard you and we’re happy to announce Lyrics are here!


You can find Lyrics on Free and Premium for users across iOS and Android devices, desktop, gaming consoles, and TV.

To learn more about the roll out and how to access lyrics, view this announcement.




I'm sorry to complain here, but I'm bit exasperated of waiting for lyrics to come... It's already mid-2019 and no sight of them. I'm not even asking for lyrics in all songs, in every language, with perfect synchronization... I can see other applications already having them, including a good translation to your own mother language.


Is Spotify lagging behind other apps? I can't see any improvement in things that I really value. I don't need the low-resolution video of boring stuff, for good-quality videos there's already YouTube there. I still see many bugs around not fixed (switching podcasts from one devide to another loses the trackpoint, application crashes after pulling the headset in my laptop...). Starting up the applications takes almost half a minute and sometimes even displays "Disconnected". Clicking on "Artists" takes minutes to sort all groups. Searching for groups or songs is fast but the render is incorrect until the application downloads the pictures of the groups...


Please make us pay for a high-quality and valuable application.

You’re 100% right. I don’t see how I can continue to pay for premium when
Apple Music has all the features I want.

Lyrics? Check
Larger than 10K library limit? Check
Bigger catalog? Check

Instead, Spotify focuses on stuff that it’s core audience doesn’t care
about and adding pointless features like “Stranger Things” mode and a
garbage Podcast player. (When I want podcasts I’ll use a real player like
Overcast or Pocket casts.)

Spotify - stop trying to do many things half-assed and focus on making the
best music app you can or myself and everyone else is GONE.

Beginning to wonder what will be resolved first Brexit or Spotify lyrics.... come on Spotify 3 years and we are no closer to lyrics even Amazon Music has lyrics available now



Please make it, as a non-native English speaker reading lyrics on the song, helps me better experience the song

What’s the point of voting if they didn't do anything in 3 years? Perhaps they want people to vote to implement those features last ?


Guys the number of votes means:


More votes is better


Less votes is bad



Before using spotify when i used to download all my songs i always went the extra length to find the lyrics to the songs, specially the japanese ones, even if they're way harder to find in an accurate site that you can copy & paste. I study japanese and being able to hear how a kanji is read really while enjoying the sings helped me memorizing those. Also, when there's a song that i really like, no matter the language, i like hearing it with the lyrics every once in a while. I'de really love to be able to see the lyrics on the songs on spotify, and it'd be even cooler if we could choose what type of character is used for languages like japanese. Being able to chose between romaji, hiragana and kanji would be really good for people who are studying the language or who just want to know how to sing to the songs they love.
While I agree, selecting a language for lyrics would be cool, we can't even
get lyrics in a single language. I have doubts they'll ever implement a
more complicated 'select a language' version.

Maybe now it can be brought back?


I wonder if they really read this forum. I think that bringing the lyrics back is the top1 most requested feature...


I think we can safely say that lyrics is no longer in the playbook for spotify and no, I don't think anybody but us is reading any of this stuff.