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[Desktop] Bring back Lyrics


Allow me to re-edit again, in premise, that thanks to all of you this idea keeps receiving votes, and I am grateful to each of you, and when I expressed this desire as an idea I was a newbie, I owe to the professionality of Marco and Toku, whom I thank again, that I became aware that this idea it’s by no means new, nor even mine but Spotify’s, yet it is properly expressed, and it is shared by enough Community members for it to be still alive, and I agree with Arcanscape that, "We really need the lyrics feature", and I just notice an excellent temporary alternative of “SpotifyLyrics” kindly programmed and provided by Mirth (fr31): (via scoobyTdog), it works very well on my Pc 🙂 and I invite you all to try it.


Whilst singing might be fun, I have another approach to lyrics and sound, which is of course not mutually exclusive, and I read the words to see if I like them as I enjoy the melody, if I see myself in the lyrics, if I share the values expressed, and this is easier by having the words at hand.


So please Spotify bring back the Lyrics Feature most elegantly -- as you did with restyling the Community -- when you find a better Lyrics Provider.


Reading and listening might be even better than karaoke, although not as fun 😉

and every member could always do both, even just singing, as a very close person in my family does, and many other people do.


Thank you for evaluating, with my warmest and most sincere Regards.


Marco, a poet at heart


Updated on 2021-11-18

Hey folks,


Thanks for your feedback on the Lyrics feature. We’ve heard you and we’re happy to announce Lyrics are here!


You can find Lyrics on Free and Premium for users across iOS and Android devices, desktop, gaming consoles, and TV.

To learn more about the roll out and how to access lyrics, view this announcement.




Stop asking... lyrics were powered by Musixmatch, which decided not to longer support Spotify since they have their own app.


Hi, any idea when this feature will be able?


JS96 - As nice as it is to kiss up to Spotify, they said they would update this feature and improve it. It's no use telling everyone to stop asking for a service that is already on pretty much every other streaming platform. They severed the partnership with Musixmatch.


Also, about Musixmatch, currently no working windows 7 version of the app even though the marketshare for windows 7 is almost 50% still. They said it's coming soon, but we shouldn't have to rely on outside parties for lyrics. It should be a part of Spotify.


I want the lyrics back so much...... I simply could't bear the "behind the lyrics" feature. I want to see the lyrics when listening to the music!!!! Especially rap...


we want lyrics on spotify like any other music app!! 


1 and a quarter years later, and there still isn't a lyrics feature. 


Please but the lyrics back. we don't need behind the lyrics, we need just the lyrics please please please like apple music. Or you can but them all together and put toggle options to choose who want BTL or just only the lyrics. 

I looooove your app just we need this feature please ASAP.


your faithfull,


great! i loved the lyrics feature! and i cant wait for have it back!!!!


It doesn't matter if they stopped with Musixmatch, they have a new partnership with Genius and that has been inplemented into the phone version months ago but still not on desktop.


Genius socks!!! you can`t compare that vs can it be possible that in the middle of the song-lyrics, they insert text about the story of the song..who cares about it when you are only interested in follow the song through its lyrics...come on!! and by the way, I posted about this several months ago and have not received any response from Spotify staff. Thanks guys for your interest in me, as your customer....