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[Desktop] Bring back search inside Playlists & Songs tab

Before last update it was possible to hit CTRL / CMD +F and search for single song in playlists (folders) and the songs tab.
It is quite annoying to searching for one song among all playlist. Please bring it back.

Updated: 2015-08-05


Hey folks, you can now use the filter function in the Songs and Playlists tabs of Your Music. 

Status: Implemented

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One trick/hack I used to overcome your moronic user interface was to put all my playlists and playlists folders inside a root playlist folder I called "My music". By clicking on that folder I could see all my songs and with CMD+F I could filter them.


Now, not only is CMD+F gone, but if I click on my "My music" folder I only see the subfolders in that folder. Not all the songs. So even if you bring back CMD+F you will still have seriously gimped the functionality of your application. Do you guys even do user tests or have a QA department? Your updates seem so random. Just move some buttons here, remove some features there, who cares, right? And issues like the inability to sort search results remain for years.


Just make the "Your music" tab actually useful and show all my music in there. Why is it even there in its current state? It's completely separate from playlists and practically useless.

Casual Listener



I'm paying for Spotify. I'm paying for it because it did mostly work as I wanted it to and it let me listen to music. Now you removed a feature which I not only consider "not a feature", but rather just a necessary  function for any such type of program. At the same time to are saying "It will be back in a future version".





As someone else here just wrote. You are actually forcing me to look for alternate services. I simply don't get it. Don't you want my money?...


I honestly doubt they "removed" the search feature, but they didn't implement it in the new build yet (which I assume has been build from scratch, otherwise I'm with the people above). Still, you really shouldn't push a build that doesn't include all features from previous versions from the beta to the stable channel, because saying features like playlist search and sync are coming back in later versions just means it's not complete yet.


This is just CRAZY. Who decided that this was a bad feature that needed to be removed? Fire that person. Seriously. I have a playlist with more than 600 songs. Do you really think it will be easier to scroll down and try to find a particular songs manually?

I hope this was just a mistake??? It's like limiting the search function on your computer to not include folders.


in the older versions, it was working everywhere, including artist pages, search, albums etc. they removed that functionality and made it to work with playlists only. now they removed it too? please bring back the filter as it was in the old days.


i reverted back to 0.8 version, although i was using the control other devices option in new version. I realized how bad the desktop version became after this. Old version is fast, very fast and much easier to use.

Casual Listener

This is retarded. And I know I'm harsch on words, sorry, but I've been a premium customer for 5 years now!!! 


I first opened a ticket one year ago when you removed the search feature on artist page, and now on result pages/playlists too??!


My starred playlist has 1700 songs in it, you keep removing useful features, this is just plain stupid. I'm one of your early adopters, I've been paying 10euros monthly for 5 years, and you do not seem to care about the emails I've sent or post I've done here, so I will start downloading illegally all the songs I have on spotify and then cancel my subscription and import it all on itunes, because they have a proper client.


How can you remove features that were implemented years ago?! 


Meanwhile, guys, if you want to downgrade spotify and get back the feature go to :




This is absolutely ridiculous. At least I know now to update spotify on my home computer now. I'm also not buying that the feature will be 'coming back in a future update' because that's what was said regarding the filter function on artist and album pages. We still haven't got that back. Like others have said, this is functionally cripling for users. 


You should be ashamed of yourselves. You've dishonored your families.

Music Fan

Suddenly removing this feature is f*d up. I can't find any songs in my playlist anymore.


How can I downgrade to an earlier version?

Music Fan

I too would like to downgrade to earlier version.