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[Desktop] Bring back the ability to add local files to Your Library

Just discovered that the feature to add local files from my desktop to my library has been removed. I have a large amount of music that I have as files on my computer which are not available on the Spotify library for various reasons, but I still want to be able to add them to my personal playlists and listen to them on the same platform as the rest of my music. I can't be the only one who has this issue. Being able to add my own music to a library is a bit of a make-or-break feature for a music application for me.

Updated on 2020-11-19

Hey there folks,


We really appreciate your passion for this feature and want to thank you all for your feedback!


Your voice has been heard and this is now implemented into our current test version of the 'New Desktop Experience'.


Feel free to share any further feedback related to this feature, or the new test version in general, here.


Happy listening 🎶


I was just about to upload my existing library onto my Spotify account but came across this community request. I really hope the feature isn't actually gone but if it is, will also rethink staying with Spotify. There's so much music that isn't available for different reasons, so why would they remove this feature which allows people to fill the gaps with their own music library!?


I have the exact same issue. I have a ton of rare CDs that are not in Spotifys database, so I want to be able to add them to my playlists. We definitely need that option back - Spotify should be able to access our locally stored music, and should allow us to add that to our playlists. 

I'm sure everyone using Spotify has this issue, but majority of people dont have the time to report this issue or comment in forums.


Dark times when someone asks Spotify to stop destroying essential features and we classify this as a new idea.


yeah you must add this back

Time to cancel my subscription.


I logged in and out of the Spotify desktop app and it went back to how it was. At least for now. Give that a try, I haven't done an update since on fear haha


Lol im cancelling my spotify subscription, you guys should too. LOL


Who would even pay for this service lmaoo


The feature to play my local music in my playlists was why I choose Spotify. Without this feature I will not continue with my Premium subscription. 


Why should i pay if i cant listen to the songs i want ?