[Desktop] Bring back the "copy embed code" feature

As of Spotify version 1.0 it is not possible to Right click -> Copy Embed Code.


Embedding a playlist or track in the community is the most used ways of sharing a track or playlist.

Please bring back the option to Copy the Embed code.



Hey everyone! This feature returned with out 1.0.6 Desktop update. If you have any feedback please let us know, thanks!

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Same here. I often use the embed code for a music blog I write. It directs people to Spotify. Please bring this feature back.

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Hi @shakey503,

Please add kudos so that it will have more chance to be implemented. 


is there any workaround currently?

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@jourtodd Yes, there is a workaround. Replace the uri part of the code below with your uri. 


 <iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

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Also replace "track" with "album"... I can't believe they've really done this, it makes no sense! I've blogged loads of albums too and seeing a playlist on a blog was basically how I've discovered Spotify..


For anyone knowing how to work around this is not a problem, but for the 99% of users it makes impossible to blog playlists.. people WILL look for alternatives, and it's only Spotify's fault!

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@mick973 What exactly do you mean? You can still embed tracks, playlists and albums.


As an eduacator who relies on Spotify for my History of Popular Music class, I really need the embed code to be returned. Please.....

I embed playlists for the whole course onto a web page, songs into listening homework questions and my students embed playlists into their WordPress sites. 


Thank you for listening.

Paul Harlyn | Course Director | History of Popular Music II | Full Sail University

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@Jordi you can embed them only if you know the code (as you posted in the workaround), the "embed code" has disappeared from the right click menu on the cover or track. I'm also afraid the embedded playlists will stop working too, if they have removed the code option from the context menu, they won't allow us to keep on embedding through the code. All they have to do is simply disable the "embed" subdomain in "". Let's hope they'll change their minds.

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Another EASY workaround: open a Tumblr account and share the track, album or playlist to Tumblr. It gets embedded and there's still the "<>" icon to copy the code to another blog... so far...

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