[Desktop] Daily Mix on Desktop

I love love love the daily mixes on my phone, why can't it follow onto my computer?  That would make me so happy! 

Updated: 2016-12-16

We’re excited to announce that Daily Mix is now available on Desktop under Your Music. Be sure you're on the latest version of Spotify to get Your Daily Mix. Enjoy!

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Updated: 2016-08-23

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Agreed!! I would LOVE to have this on my desktop, too!

Music Fan

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the daily mix playlists! It's so much better than the discover weekly list...


I'd love to be able to access them on my desktop as well. They are so cool, thank you! I'm definitely a fan!


I agree.  I just discovered this and I really want this option on my desktop.  I listen to Spotify at work and this feature would really be awesome for me.


Noticed mixes on my phone yesterday, thought it was an awesome feature and looked for it on my desktop today (where I usually use spotify) I was sad to see that they couldn't be found anywhere, definitely support adding them as a feature to the desktop version.


Thank you!

Music Fan

Lovin' the Daily Mix on my PC desktop!...had one for awhile..then two...today I have SIX..and they're all great...love it..   =)


My Daily Mixes kept disappearing from the desktop client, i.e. the link was not visible anymore in the left sidebar, so I could not access them. It seems that this has to do with my normal language setting to German, because they come back when I switch to English in the Preferences.


Where did it go? It's dissapeared in 2018?


big time newbie over here.

  • Loving Spotify on my droid. Daily mixes there immediately.
  • Linux desktop app - can't find daily mixes anywhere. No 'My Music' section either. Remove/purged and reinstalled.
  • Web app in Chrome - can't find daily mixes there either. Logged out and in several times.

Im not sure if Im doing something wrong or it's on the way, but thought it worth adding my voice.

Thanks for an awesome service.