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[Desktop][Mac] Touch bar integration

Those on macOS, may love this concept that was created prior to the new Macbook Pro release. I think it would be awesome if Spotify actually implemented it.


See pictures!

Updated: 2017-02-24

Hey folks, we've shipped Touch Bar support! Thanks for letting us know this something you wanted to see. Just so you know we won't be adding track info as it doesn't align with the guidelines for building Touch Bar features. (i.e. it isn’t a ‘button’). Please continue to leave your feedback around the Desktop app here and we'll keep sharing it with our internal teams. Thanks!


How about an App for Apple Watch first!


 See you're still doing design for Apple products but you can't even do **bleep**ing horizontal mode on my iPhone, F you guys...Real nice to see how fast someone's idea becomes something under consideration but after over 3000 votes and four years you can't even do landscape mode on my iPhone? Get **bleep**ed and die. 


Could you work on landscape mode between all the bs and lies?


 Haha, Spotify doesn't have time for changelogs or additional playlist tools, but a touchbar on a laptop a minimal fraction of their userbase has?


Anyone else think that spotify should not go political? See this thread  to voice your opinion and provide support! 


Can we get the song and artist name displaying in the touchbar too please?


Touch bar support is great but the scrubber is just a lot of empty space, it would be awesome if it showed track info in the background!


 Its blacklivesmatter, cop hating, and reverse racism season again and look what music company still refuses to even speak to its own concerned customers


I am just one user, and therefore cannot talk for everyone. However, I do strongly think a scroll list taking two thirds of the touch bar space is unnecessary. How often do anyone use this function? I would prefere to see artist info, possibility to save the song or up/down-wote. The easy solution would be to have it optional (a editable touch bar).

Bettertouchtool and a bit of applescript works well for those wanting song descriptions...


tell application "Spotify"
spotifyState to (player state as text)

if player state is equal to playing then

set currentName to (get name of current track)

set currentArtist to (get artist of current track)

set currentSongInfo to currentArtist & " - " & currentName


set currentSongInfo to "Spotify"

end if

end tell