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[Desktop][Other] Let us choose to pin (or don't) the song details on fullscreen mode

It's came to my attention that over the weekend a new change got added to the fullscreen mode on the desktop app that now makes that album art, song name and artist name fade away (plus finally adding a volume control on full screen - which is great by the way).


This change pretty much breaks the usability of full screen for me now as Full Screen mode was a way for everyone in the office able to see what song is currently playing, but now we just get a darkened artist image at best, at worst it's just a grey gradient background for those songs by artists without images.


This makes the whole experience pretty awful in my opinion. At the very least there should be a way to pin that information at all times for those of us that like to be able to see that information at a glance.

Updated on 2021-11-15

Hey folks,


One more thanks for supporting this Idea.


We're happy to confirm this functionality has now returned!


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Updated on 2021-08-24

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I don't know what version this was changed but when i enter fullscreen, the artist and song title disappears. Please change this back so it always show that or add a toggle for those that don't want it. 


Spotify ruined full screen and now they want us to Vote on and idea to get it back? Just admit you made a mistake Spotify.


Made a comment on a similar idea recently:


Being able to see the album art while listening to an album is a big part of the listening experience for most users, and having that hide and in some cases just be a blank single coloured screen (especially on a large TV) is a bad experience. And we should have the option to view large album artwork all the time regardless of there being an artist banner. So many of the banners are terrible quality and just take away from the otherwise clean UI. In fact, being able to disable the artist banner completely would be a very welcome change. 



It would be great if we had an option to make full screen interface stay up all the time, by interface I meant song name, album, playback bar and such.


I like to put Spotify on a dedicated media monitor. Fullscreen mode is essentially useless for this though, as the album art, artist/song info, and playback controls immediately disappear after mousing way from the window, leaving only the artist banner.


Please, please, PLEASE allow a setting, something like "Always show fullscreen info" that makes it so the album art, song, artist, and playback controls ALWAYS show.


the manner in which the Spotify preps dismissed our concern in this thread:

was truly infuriating I have put way too much effort into changing this than id like to, IDK who asked for all the information to disappear in full screen nor do I know anyone that sees the point in having the info disappear, I can understand just wanting to see the background art but in many cases that's just a solid colour, anyhow we should at least have a setting to disable this new 'feature' even if by default its turned on


Spotify I used to like your corporation, now I realise that all corporations are the same: they don't care about their customers as much as they make it out to be.


FYI I have now reverted to an older version of Spotify and will no longer download/use you updates and the accompanying 'features' so hope you're happy


Ooo, how can you revert to an older version of Spotify? That'll be great for the office, as I'm losing hope that this will be done quickly, even though it's definitely a quick fix (I am a software dev - so i know that unless the architecture is**bleep**, it is an easy fix)


Workaround: Use software that simulates a tiny mouse movement every 3 seconds.


  1. I used the free Move Mouse app from the Microsoft Store:
  2. Configured it as in these screenshots. Trial and error gave me this as the best config.

I'd like to see a small lock icon (or pin or something else) at the bottom part of the fullscreen view where all the other controls are. Clicking the icon would lock the UI (album/song cover art, song info, controls, progress bar) into visible state.


I think this would be a nice way to give the choice what you want to see on the screen.


Additional consideration is needed for those cases where there's no images or videos uploaded (besides the cover art) that could be shown in the background. In this case it might be good idea to automatically lock the UI into visible state, as I don't think anyone would prefer to see the blank screen with the slight color gradient instead of the cover art and song info.