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[Desktop][Playlists] Enhance Playlist on Desktop

Please introduce the Enhance Playlist on Desktop, I see only the original not-enhanced playlist on Desktop.

Updated on 2022-10-07

Hey folks!

Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.

We're happy to announce that the Enhance Playlist on Desktop feature is now available!

Thank you for helping us make Spotify better!


Yes, please. This would be great for music discovery while at work.


Adding my vote as this is somehow still not a feature yet. Seriously, why has this not been added yet?


This is one of my favorite features in the mobile app, so I'd love to see this in the desktop app as well! The best way to find new music, other than going to YouTube.


Yeah. I think this issue should be added. To get around this I open Spotify on my phone and start whatever playlist I want and then switch to desktop and Spotify usually picks up where my phone left off (cue and all). The only issue is if I start a different playlist when I run out of music I can't get the feature back. Like what someone said here it's a good way to find new music and add it to my liked songs or to a playlist (it keeps me on Spotify longer which gives them more playtime). So I don't understand why Spotify basically says no to this idea. For me at least this is an immediate yes because at some point I will get bored of Spotify and not listen to any music for a week or so and just watch youtube. For some people might just stop their subscription altogether. I have a family plan so I am not going to stop my subscription just because I don't listen to a lot of music. I really hope Spotify adds this feature soon.


Would love to see this on desktop.


Spotify, does this suggestion come as that big of a surprise to you? - That your customers would enjoy a clearly favorable integration to be made available across the platform? 


I'm not sure why Spotify wouldn't have jumped on this suggestion in a heartbeat, or rather, waited until their update was fully developed and planned out, because as it looks now - Spotify is unable to provide customers with a feature that was not 'entirely' ready to roll out. 


At any rate, since this is so important to announce, "I am suuuuuuuch a fan fan of this suggestion, omgomgomg, please Spotify accept my kudos, to the furthest extent of making my shnoz turn brown".


Hope this helps, chao.  


As a product owner in the SaaS space I can categorically state that it is poor product design to only provide a feature through one channel/platform. Users who choose to use your product on another platform (Desktop) shouldn't lose features / be discriminated against.


Spotify have already developed the backend code to support this feature and presumably an API which is used to trigger it. All they need to do is add a button in the desktop app, add support to call the API, and add the necessary animations (or element refresh).

As a workaround for those interested you can use the 'select a device' feature on mobile to play your enhanced playlists via a desktop source. See below for reference:



A much needed idea! It doesn't make sense at all that such a good feature would be available on mobile but not desktop.


As I absolutely LOVE the feature on mobile (Android) I hope it'll become available on desktop soon! Would make using my devices in tandem even more useful and streamlined.



With product decisions like this, I sometimes struggle to understand how Spotify manages to be a successful company...