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[Desktop][Playlists] Paste Songs in Playlist at Specific Point

With the new UI update the ability to paste songs at a certain point in a playlist seems to be missing.


I have some pretty long playlists that I use custom ordering with. Having the ability to paste songs I recently added to it at a certain point was really helpful. This allowed me to highlight a song near where I wanted the new songs to go and when  I pasted the cut songs would be pasted right below it. This saved a lot of time because I didn't need to drag songs from the bottom of the playlist after they were added through the playlist for minutes at a time.


This was a great feature and I hope something to replace it or the feature is reinstated. It appears that right now when I try to do this the songs are pasted at the end of the playlist. I have not found a new feature or workaround to this at the moment.


This idea implies the existence of the ability to cut rather than just copy songs in a playlist as well so I didn't feel the need to create a separate idea post for that feature. This also doesn't have to be exactly as I described it. A way to move songs to a certain point in a playlist in any way is just what I am looking for.


I know the UI is brand new so these are probably just the growing pains but I'd love to see this feature added at some point.



Updated on 2023-01-13

Hi everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're super happy to announce that this is now possible on the desktop app! You can cut/copy songs with Ctrl+X/Ctrl+C (on Windows; Cmd+X/Cmd+C on Mac) and paste them in the desired location in your playlists with Ctrl+V (on Windows; Cmd+V on Mac)!


For more info on all other keyboard shortcuts check out this article.


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


Stay awesome!


Thank you for posting! I am also very eager to see this feature back in the new UI!!


With the new and updated desktop app it's no longer possible to use/fully use some of the keyboard shortcuts


It's much quicker and easier to copy the track you want to add to a playlist, find the playlist, find the position for the track within the playlist and then paste it - rather than grabbing the track, holding it, scrolling/and dragging it while still holding it until you've finally found your way (unless you've accidentally dropped it on the way). And you're not able to perform actions in-between adding the track.


With the removal of keyboard shortcuts drag drop is the only way to make playlist updates within the app.


It's no longer possible to:

  • Copy the track URI: ctrl/cmd+shift+C
  • Paste a track (and it's URL/URI) to selected position within a playlist: ctrl/cmd+V
  • Paste duplicate track/s into a playlist and be prompted a notification/selection to go ahead and paste the duplicate
  • Cut a track (and it's URL): ctrl/cmd+X

Please vote to bring back fully functional keyboard shortcuts for cut, copy and paste.



Yea same, it's really annoying to drag it to the top...


They also took away the feature to keep the view of a playlist where I left off so when I go to drag a song into a playlist, the view is reset all the way back at the top requiring me to scroll all the way down to where I want to add a song or album. I hope they fix these or add an alternative soon since I used that feature very often.


@cx-hlt_7976s I made a separate post about this! You can vote on it here:


EDIT: This was submitted as an Idea, but a mode merged it into here as a comment.

"The new desktop update broke multiple ways i interact with my playlists.

It is no longer possible to Cut songs. If i want to remove songs from one list and add them to another, previously i could cut+paste. Easy. Now i have to manually delete, then manually add. More work, waste of clicks, poor UX experience.

A more severe issue is that now, when i copy songs from one place (another playlist, an Album, etc) and go to Paste those tracks into a playlist, the songs are now always dumped to the "bottom" of the playlist. 

Old behaviour was that they would paste in underneath the track i had selected.

Ex: I have a playlist with 1000 songs. I copy a new song from an album, and want it in as entry 551 in the playlist, because then it sits right next to other music from teh artist or w/e.

Old behaviour was that i would select track 550, Paste, and the track would be put in as number 551 and all other tracks would be "pushed down a step". GOOD

New behaviour is that the track im pasting in is appended as track 1001, no matter what i do. BAD. My only recourse is to click-and-drag the track 500 steps upwards, which is obviously not a good user experience.

Please re-instate Cutting, and the old Paste behaviour, or i will no longer be able to use my playlists the way i had gotten used to. Reorganizing small playlists is harder, reorganizing large ones is impossible.


Yes! I also have a few really long playlists, and no longer being able to paste songs into a specific place completely breaks how i like to sort and interact with them.

I created a similar Idea before i saw yours. I also request adding back the support for Cut/Ctrl+X manipulation of songs in a list, its such a bizarre oversight that its no longer supported. Vote on it here i guess:


In the new desktop app you'll see that the sharing options in the options menu have been reduced to "Copy link" and "Copy embed code". You can still copy Spotify URIs if you hold down the modifier key (alt/command) while in the share menu.


On Mac holding down either the option or control key worked for me, but it might be slightly different on Windows.


An earlier post from Dan on the desktop team said this:

"People accidentally sharing URIs isn't a great experience for the recipient so we've slightly hidden this option, but we didn't want to remove the option entirely as we know that a small amount of people do use and perhaps rely on it for various things."


URI - NDE.gif

Status changed to: New Suggestion

Updated on 2021-04-03

Hello and thanks for submitting your idea to the Idea Exchange!


We've gone ahead and marked this as a New Suggestion. Spotify Staff will look into this idea once it reaches the necessary amount of votes.


More info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange can be found here.


You're also welcome to leave any feedback you have related to the New Desktop App here. Our developers are taking everything that's being shared in there under consideration, so any suggestions you have to improve the new experience will be greatly appreciated.




To add to this, the new update removed my ability to search for a song in a playlist, and after selecting the song I searched for, kept it highlighted so I could sort it after. The process was not as efficient as it could've been, but with the latest update, I can search for a song in my playlist, select it, and as soon as I clear the playlist's search bar, it unhighlights the song. In short, I would just like the ability to find a song in my playlist and change its order in the playlist efficiently.