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[Desktop][Playlists] Please bring back the Hide this Song Option and I dont like this song/ artist

Please bring back the "I don't like this song/hide this song" that was next to the heart sign cause it was very convenient and easier to control the likes or don't of your recommendations and control the playlist from all my devices available instead of going to queue every time to remove it temporary. Also the I don't like this artist/song that was available on the release radar playlist. Thank You . Update: Spotify brought it back on version ( so does listen! Thank you!

Updated on 2020-12-22

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community!


We're pleased to confirm that the dislike button should be available again for the Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists.


Happy listening 🙂


I totally agree with @JLnotbot01  

I just don't understand why the hide/dislike button would be removed from desktop and mobile experiences. The algorithm for Release Radar is so horrible sometimes I need the hide/dislike button to enjoy my experience . 

Please fix this.


I've found the solution.

Dump the spotify subscription

Get the Google Youtube Music subscription.

Excellent music library

A continuation of a playlist for as long as you want to listen to the music

A user interface experience that is the same regardless of phone, tablet or pc

A customer care that really cares..


Problem solved


I have and this option seems to be gone again. 

And as Release radar (that I use the most) gets four or five really bad suggestions I really need to get rid of them. 

@Tore I have the same version as you but i got the option to remove songs on  the release radar and discover weekly .

I don't know why its happening to you!


(Premium) Mobile

Release Radar: Still there

Discover Weekly: Still there


(Premium) MacOS

Release Radar: Removed

Discover Weekly: Still there


Can someone at Spotify acknowledge this and let us know it's in fix?


Interesting , I have the same result as @boandaropax

The Remove button is gone for Release Radar and still there for Discover Weekly.

I have two Windows 10 units, same Spotify version and the same issue on both.




This says "implemented" but only half this feature has been implemented. "[Desktop][Playlists] Please bring back the Hide this Song Option" has not been implemented.


This is on mobile but not desktop. This breaks congruency between platforms and creates a poor user experience. More importantly this feature would really be appreciated on desktop.


This feature that's been "implemented" doesn't even exist. What's going on, Spotify? Please implement the feature to hide or dislike a song and not play an artist to desktop. It's already a mobile feature; desktop users shouldn't have to jump through hoops.


+1 to all the recent comments
PLEASE put a 'Hide This' (or at least 'Dislike') button on the Desktop version
p.s. I really like Enhanced playlists in theory, but unless I can easily like/dislike recommendations from my desktop, it's lame