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[Desktop][Playlists] Please bring back the Hide this Song Option and I dont like this song/ artist

Please bring back the "I don't like this song/hide this song" that was next to the heart sign cause it was very convenient and easier to control the likes or don't of your recommendations and control the playlist from all my devices available instead of going to queue every time to remove it temporary. Also the I don't like this artist/song that was available on the release radar playlist. Thank You . Update: Spotify brought it back on version ( so does listen! Thank you!

Updated on 2020-12-22

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community!


We're pleased to confirm that the dislike button should be available again for the Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists.


Happy listening 🙂


Please re-implement this to its full functionality. It also needs to be available for podcasts and the home page.


I really miss this feature and its current implantation in IOS Spotify app is very very very inconvenient and frustrating to click on menu button every time I want to dislike a song.


The suggestion of aligning functionality across platforms is over 6 years old. (

Spotify doesn't care about it's customers. The feature request is still valid today, 7 years later.

Counting MRR  is far more important.


Spotify: I love your money, but we don't do customer support, so **bleep** off.




PLEASE! NOT ONLY FOR DISCOVER WEEKLY, BUT FOR DAILY MIXES, AND SONGS IN GENERAL. The personal algorithm would be immensely improved by adding the "dislike" button for everything!


Please add this feature for podcasts as well!


This needs to be for everything not just discover/new!


Adding the dislike button to discover weekly and release radar is not enough.


I disliked some songs on discover weekly and release radar, but spotify will still play these songs I've disliked when a personal playlist is over and "autoplay" is on.


The dislike/ban button is a 100% a needed feature and it needs to work everywhere on the app. There is no way around this. 



I will 100% lose my +religion+ if the song "Uckers" by Shygirl finds its way once again in my "autoplay", just because Spotify decided I can't 100% ban songs or artists from my library.



Please make the dislike button available for recommended songs list as well. It is annoying having to constantly skip songs you already reviewed and don't want to listen to.


I have disliked it every damn time it pops up, "hidden" it on the 1-track EP it appears on, and tried everything I can think of to make it go away but still that damned awful cover of Maniac that Carpenter Brut made just keeps popping up in every generated playlist.




What happened to this feature? It's gone again on Release Radar. I am not happy about this as your algorithm is often off.