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[Desktop][Playlists] Please bring back the Hide this Song Option and I dont like this song/ artist

Please bring back the "I don't like this song/hide this song" that was next to the heart sign cause it was very convenient and easier to control the likes or don't of your recommendations and control the playlist from all my devices available instead of going to queue every time to remove it temporary. Also the I don't like this artist/song that was available on the release radar playlist. Thank You . Update: Spotify brought it back on version ( so does listen! Thank you!

Updated on 2020-12-22

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We're pleased to confirm that the dislike button should be available again for the Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists.


Happy listening 🙂


Still missing for me on my desktop application, even after an update. Why Spotify even removed it in the first place is mind boggling. But sure, you guys are the "experts"


This is *NOT* implemented on the desktop app.  I am getting really fed up at the complete lack of effort that Spotify seems to put into these requests for simple, basic functionality.  *WHY* am I paying $$ every month to you guys, again?


Seriously, WHY implement a feature and restrict it to Discover Weekly and Release Radar? It makes zero sense to me. These days I’ve been listening to the same specific artist and everyday the same random songs are added to the queue after the album is finished… and there’s some annoying musics there that I have to skip EVERYTIME. Being device specific, it doesn’t matter if I use my phone to remove it, it will still play on desktop. I don’t want to block the artist either because they have some cool songs that I like. And there’s simply no option of removing that specific song from that queue. Zero. And if I go to the recently played songs, just trying to skip that song is adding it multiple times to that list, which probably feeds the algorithm and makes it appear that I like that song when in fact, I don’t. I’m seriously thinking about other streaming services because the experience of listening to music while I work on my pc is just the worst possible right now 😡


2024, they removed it AGAIN. blocked drake because i couldn’t stand “summers over interlude” popping up in EVERY playlist. EVERY. PLAYLIST. 


Damn, it is just ridiculous that Spotify still has no this crucial and easy-to-add feature in 2024. That's how they care about the usability of their product, and their attitude towards customers in general.