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[Desktop][Podcasts] Add/remove podcast shows to your own playlists on the Desktop app

I like to add Podcast shows via the Desktop app to my playlist, so I can listen to them one after one. Right now, this is only possible with the iOS mobile App.

Why not for the Desktop solution? Since I have here a bigger screen and a broader perspective on all my podcast shows.

Updated on 2021-06-04

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that this feature is now available on Desktop. 


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


Yo we definitely needs to be a thing! I will literally work as an unpaid intern just to ship this feature 


How is this feature still not there albeit being suggested months ago and voted for couple of hundreds of times? Of course the feature should be on every platform.


By the way: you can do this on the web player, so now I have three platforms I use for different reasons!


Not only can I not add/remove podcasts from the desktop app, but there seems to be no way to reorder a podcast playlist either (without removing and readding at the end) from desktop/mobile since desktop is usually the only place you can reorder playlists.


It's strange that podcast playlists need to be treated so differently, why does the workflow seem to resist the ways we would naturally assume they work?


I just discovered the desktop feature multi-select drag-n-drop-into-playlist. Yay!  Unfortunately it is still broken (deliberately disabled?) for podcasts. This would be a key enabler for managing my podcast listening.  For example, Welcome to Nightvale has 176 episodes and I'm on #120.  Every time I want to 'continue listening' to Nightvale I need to scroll past 100+ episode to manually add, one at a time, the next 10 episodes.  What a pain!


Dont hold your breath guys.

This was first proposed on a thread on this forum in 2016 and even a petition was started, yet here we are. 

I use Spotify and have advocated it to others in the past but their apparent disdain for their PAYING subscribers is staggering.



yeah basically every idea that is proposed here gets ignored or even an outright rude dismissal stating the idea will never, ever, be implemented by Spotify. i'm not sure what the point is of this community site existing at all, except maybe to establish learned helplessness in their subscribers. Really hope a better and actually respectful platform comes along ASAP.


C'mon Spotify just do it - can't be that hard to implement. It's super frustrating. 


why is this so hard to implement?


i understand spotify's foray into podcasts hasn't been performing as expected.


personally, i know this feature would get me to fully transition off apple podcasts to 100% spotify for all my audio needs


Spotify doesn't seem to be designed for podcasts at all, or at least they still have yet to add the most basic features that one would expect from a piece of podcast software.


1. I can't see a feed of recent podcast episodes that I subscribe to on my desktop.


2. If you're lucky enough to find a recent episode to listen to, you can't even add it to a playlist


3. If you decide to switch to your phone, it will do something worse than sync: it will sync poorly and overwrite your place when you come back to the desk, which means that often I lose my place in a 2+ hour audio file.


It's so hilariously bad that I've tried to make Spotify my primary podcast app on a few occasions and I'm always left wondering if I'm being gaslighted by people who say that they actually use it for podcasts. And I know I'm yelling into the void here, but I love Spotify as a music app--I hold them to a high standard because I'm a long time paying customer.


Hey .. this has been well over a year.
Considering that it can be done on a phone but not on a desktop app, is kind strange.
I can play a playlist that contains the podcasts that I have created using my phone.
Please fix !!!