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[Desktop][Podcasts] Disable podcast videos

When you try to play a podcast that also has video on desktop, there is no option to disable it and only play audio.  This is unnecessary for me, because I do other things while listening to podcasts.  It also introduces unnecessary strain on my internet connection to stream video that I won't watch, as well as strain on my hardware trying to decode the video.  Much like the "disable canvas" option on mobile, I feel like it would be beneficial to have a "disable videos" on desktop.

Updated on 2021-07-07

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that the feature to disable a podcast video is now available on Desktop. You can either click the X in the video itself or the Show/Hide video button in the lower left corner of the app, next to the title of the currently playing episode.


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


I can't believe this still hasn't been implemented.


No, closing the video on the web client doesn't stop it from wasting your bandwidth in the background.


If Spotify wasn't such a resource hog, this wouldn't be a problem. But it's wild how poorly optimized the desktop app is.


why Spotify would implement videos in the first place is beyond me, but you put videos in and not even have it OPTIONAL is insane!! what are you people thinking?!?!


Hello all. I've already said my piece in regards to the lack of video playability regarding all of spotify's TV platforms lazy "casting" apps.


Unfortunately I have worse news and my fears are coming true. Spotify is "rumored" via (the verge, to be CREATING A PREMIUM TIER FOR PODCASTS.


I won't say anything that link to that story above. It says it all.


One of the first things that came to my mind after hearing the joe rogan deal was that spotify was going to create some kind of subscription podcast service and my worst fears came true.


It's ridiculous...these days apps, movies, music.... every thing is a g$# d&$#+ subscription service. The worst offense is there is a supposed cheap tier but it's going to HAVE ADS!


I'm done. Nice knowing you joe rogan podcast.


Uhh... news flash!!! SPOTIFY... STICK TO AUDIO ONLY!!  Who actually "watches" podcats?   Please give us an option to remove the Video from the podcast.  This is ridiculus.  Bye bye Joe Rogan Podcast.  😞    My computer is already taxed to the max and adding memory/cpu to process the video I don't watch?  Not going to happen... bye bye.  


audio only please . 

  • We need this. 2.56MB per sec compared to 100KB. Can no longer listen to joe rogan at work. Definitely won't be listening as much.

I noticed a feature yesterday that may solve this. I haven't tested it yet.

It's called "Audio-only Podcasts". Look in settings.


seriously. some of us want to just listen to a podcast and are on data caps with their isp. i don't need a video playing when i just want to listen to something. what's the deal spotify?!?


My internet is sucked for no reason as I love to keep these podcasts on in the background while I work. Please give us a simple option to switch off video. Lots of us use Spotify strictly for headphones, not the screen. I'm paying more per month to my internet company simply because of things like this.