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[Desktop][Podcasts] Disable podcast videos

When you try to play a podcast that also has video on desktop, there is no option to disable it and only play audio.  This is unnecessary for me, because I do other things while listening to podcasts.  It also introduces unnecessary strain on my internet connection to stream video that I won't watch, as well as strain on my hardware trying to decode the video.  Much like the "disable canvas" option on mobile, I feel like it would be beneficial to have a "disable videos" on desktop.

Updated on 2021-07-07

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that the feature to disable a podcast video is now available on Desktop. You can either click the X in the video itself or the Show/Hide video button in the lower left corner of the app, next to the title of the currently playing episode.


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


Yeah that is a giant pain in the ass. My WiFi at home comes from a mobile router, so I have a very limited data plan. I have had to stop using Spotify for podcasts due to Spotify refusing to give us the choice to disable video streaming. 


The Android app works very poorly with video podcasts, often the podcast won't even start. We should be able to completely disable videos - on Wifi too. I find myself switching to cellular network so that video can be disabled.


it is not only internet speed or video resolution problem. i have very fast wifi, downloading few hundreds mb in a minute, no problem playing hd vids on Youtube. but when i watch JRE on Spotify it is pure torture. first minutes are ok, then it's lagging for about two seconds every 20 - 60 seconds, sometimes even more frequently, CPU usage goes through the roof even with all other apps closed. i use Firefox browser, have tried the recommended app, it behaves the same, no better. there has been no improvement since the beginning! i was going to get premium account, but with this problem Spotify can forget me paying for this nonsense.


I do not want videos popping up when browsing with my kids. Spotify is for LISTENING with my kids NOT WATCHING. Please allow us to disable all videos across the app.


please let me disable all non-audio in Spotify


I've just joined the community to add to this.


We have disabled YouTube for our children as they spent too long watching pointless mind-numbing spirit crushing videos.


Now they've found, they can just watch community provided utter junk videos through Spotify instead with no censorship at all.


It's completely ridiculous that videos (except for Canvas) cannot be disabled over wifi. My use case is slightly different from others but the end result is the same.


Spotify disable videos or we will be forced to move to an alternative provider such as Apple Music.



Thanks Spotify, nice one. (Sarcasm).




The current status on this is Implemented. This is not true. Only limited video disabling has been implemented. 


Came here to give Kudos to this. Please give us the option to stop/cancel all video content at once.