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[Desktop][Podcasts] Disable podcast videos

When you try to play a podcast that also has video on desktop, there is no option to disable it and only play audio.  This is unnecessary for me, because I do other things while listening to podcasts.  It also introduces unnecessary strain on my internet connection to stream video that I won't watch, as well as strain on my hardware trying to decode the video.  Much like the "disable canvas" option on mobile, I feel like it would be beneficial to have a "disable videos" on desktop.

Updated on 2021-07-07

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that the feature to disable a podcast video is now available on Desktop. You can either click the X in the video itself or the Show/Hide video button in the lower left corner of the app, next to the title of the currently playing episode.


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


just so you know, there is a way to “turn off” the video. it’s just really janky. go to home>settings>playback and turn on offline mode. spotify will not be able to use any of your data and only use things you have downloaded. that’s what i’ve been using to get around this issue. hopefully there will be a much smoother solution implemented soon!


I tried using the go offline feature.  That solves the video problem!  Excellent.  Of course, then I freaked out when a playlist of 300 songs had only 9 songs.  (Those 9 were downloaded.)  The rest came back when I went online.  I just need to tie a string to my finger to remind myself that I need to go online to listen to music again.  






Not to mention on mobile it makes buffering less effective. I'm assuming they buffer based on data, not time. So a podcast or music that doesn't have video doesn't stop when I leave service for 3 minutes on my commute. But podcasts that have video literally stop immediately when I leave service.


This is a major issue, especially on mobile.  Nobody actually sits down to WATCH podcasts. Its something you listen to while being productive. A simple switch in settings would be enough: mobile streaming: audio only / audio+video. Get on this.


Yes please disable this feauture is ridiculous. Im on my desktop connected with an ethernet cable and still have problem loading a video. This is so unnecessary. I rather go to Youtube and listen to JRE there. 


This has absolutely obliterated my data plan and I couldn't figure out why. I sometimes spend 6+ hours driving in a day listening to Spotify or podcasts on other apps and since JRE is moving to Spotify I decided to start listening to it on there. This combined with the fact Spotify keeps on crashing for the past 2/3 weeks I'm seriously considering getting rid.


Just an option to play audio only podcasts shouldn't be difficult surely. 


For now, on my iPhone , I have blocked Spotify from using cellular data. You can do this by going to Settings → Cellular and scrolling down to the Cellular Data section.  Find Spotify and turn it off. 


I am a mobile worker and stream all my podcasts from a cellular hotspot. The video content is killing my data plan.
Please make this optional. The transition to Spotify was actually nice until I figured out this problem. 


I can't imagine Spotify's product owners not thinking of this feature when building the video functionality. Especially with the acquisition of JRE as an audio-first, video-second podcast. Audio-only option for podcasts please...


Maybe a temporary solution:

The webclient lets you click away the video. Not sure if it actually stops the videostream, but it might : )