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[Desktop][Podcasts] Filtered by unplayed episodes

I noticed with the latest update that the 'Filtered by' unplayed episodes has been removed. If a podcast has over 100episodes it can be a bit annoying to scroll all the way down to the ep I'm up to. I can sort it from old to new, but I want to hide/archive the eps I've listened to please. Not everyone is up to the latest episode and if you sub to an old podcast with lots of eps, you really need this feature.

Just hitting play from the overview screen will play the latest/oldest (whatever the first file in the list is). If old eps where archived it could play the one I'm up to (as long as it remembers to sort old to new). 

Screenshot 2021-03-29 201908.jpg

Updated on 2022-09-08

Hey folks!

We're happy to announce that "Filter by unplayed episodes" is now available! 🙂
Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and for voting to make this happen.


It's a pure garbage app to listen to podcast... **bleep**. ( for some reason o.m.g without the dot's is being replaced. Yet another reason this is a garbage company.


When i have the time I will find an alternative i will do ... possibly also for music. I can't support this garbage.


It'll be great for this filter to be added expediently. Thanks!


No update since july? Is it that hard to bring back an old feature?
Don't fix won't ain't broken is a golden rule when developing apps.
Why did you remove the filter in the first place? Some users complaining of the ability to hide played episodes?


Come on guys. Give some update here. 300 votes already....


I Screenshot 2021-10-26 142405.pngthink they have finally added this feature or i guess it might have existed all along but just wasn't obvious well it still isn't. How hard could it be just to add a label called "Filter". Anyway this feature exists.



@falconZ - that's definitely new in the new in the new gui! Previously, only the sort drop down to the right of this was there. Looks like they finally added it back!


It's been a year and still no improvements to podcasts. Spotify spends millions on getting new podcasts but the podcast functionality in the UI is garbage, and somehow the desktop app has even less podcast features than the mobile app. Sure, you can filter by 'Unplayed' but for some reason, if you skip the episode while in the last 10-30 seconds to avoid the ending credits, it counts the entire episode as 'Unplayed'. You have to go through and mark every episode as 'Played'. 



I stopped using Spotify ... when such a big company 100% ignores comments about features all other smaller platforms has ... you know it really bad and they don't want to do anything about it.


If they just said WHY they would not do it, I would be happy ... but no ... sad such a good company have fallen into the crapper.


@ivandegroote @syska Actually it turns out this is still existing. Little hidden but existing.