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[Desktop] Popout player

I have seen this idea posted several times over the years and they are all marked closed. I personally find it really frustrating that people have clearly been asking for this and over and over been denied, especially because it seems like a rather simple feature. Anyway, on the web player on Chromebook, there is an excellent popout player that remains on top of other tabs and windows you open, has the album/song art and has simple controls like pause, play, skip, and rewind that show when you hover over it. You can also move it around your screen so you position it where is easiest for you. It's crazy to me that this feature hasn't been implemented already for the desktop application, or if it has then the fact that it's been removed. It's super annoying to have to stop what I'm in the middle of to open the Spotify window just to see what is playing, or to skip or save a song. Something with just the basics of these features would make a huge difference and make usability so much easier.

Updated on 2024-03-21

Hi everyone,


We're happy to let you all know that this feature has now been Implemented 😎 You can find all the details on the topic in this announcement post. You're welcome to post your thoughts and feedback there as well.



- rhiimoot is a sperate software from Spotify. But you need spotify installed on your Windows PC. and rhiimoot isn't installable, it's a portable exe file. that measn you can't find it in program files directory.
- rhiimoot can not minimize to taskbar. it's not designed that way.
the sole purpose of rhiimoot is controlling Spotify playback without opening the big spotify window. but you can click on the pin icon to make rhiimoot stay on top of other windows or vice versa.
If something is not working try these steps:
1) delete "settings.xml"
2) make sure rhiimoot is not working otherwise force close rhiimoot from task manager
3) run rhiimoot.exe
4) accept terms&conditions
5) rhiimoot setting will open up
6) enter your spotify username & click save
7) close rhiimoot settings
8 ) there is a bug with LEGACY PLAYER making it disappear if you click on the pin icon, so DOUBLE CLICK ALBUMART (far right on rhiimoot window) to switch to MODERN PLAYER
I'm aware of this and it will be fixed in the next release
Sorry for the inconvenience.
9) enjoy your music!

There is a new update for rhiimoot if you're interested. I fixed known bugs.

You can see the changelog and download it here: 


Please let me know if you encounter any bugs, thanks.




Where can I find this "Picture in Picture" mode? In Firefox I'm not able to find it ... 🤔



bottom left hand side


I don't have such a button ...





Hmm.. I've just checked on Edge and it's also there?  (but again doesn't work correctly)


Wait my fault I've just realised I've posted this in the wrong channel - it's not on the desktop it's on the webplayer ignore me apologies to all


It's okay for me. Just looked into Firefox. In the desktop app on Windows 11 there isn't this feature, also. 😉


So I've just tried Apple Music and the desktop app was iTunes.  Although I didn't like the the whole Apple system (and cancelled my subscription after a couple of hours) the ONE brilliant feature of the iTunes app was the pop out mini player (with the option under settings to "Keep on Top").  Just brilliant and what is lacking for the Spotify Desktop.  There's not response for a couple of years on this thread from Spotify I hope it's something they are considering (I'm guessing the programming wouldn't be that difficult for the team Spotify have employed).