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[Desktop] Put the Liked Songs back under each band's/artist's page for the desktop app

Not sure why it was even changed in the first place, but yeah... the new user interface for the desktop app is really inefficient, frustrating, and ultimately a deal breaker in its altering how the songs that you've liked are accessed.

More specifically... taking them off of each individual band's/artist's page where it previously only took a few seconds to find and play a song that you liked through the green heart mechanism was a bad idea/move.

Furthermore... throwing them all together into a single play list is an even worse idea/move given that it now takes so long trying to scroll up and down through thousands of liked songs while trying to find whatever it is you're specifically looking for that you are better off just giving up trying to use the desktop app and switching over to the mobile/tablet Spotify app that still has your liked songs listed under the artist page, or just straight up ditching Spotify completely and looking up the song on YouTube, Bandcamp, etc.

With that... and as someone who has ever-present tinnitus in both ears from my time serving in the military that in turn makes being able to use the Spotify desktop app to listen to music through headphones that are of high-enough quality to actually be capable of drowning out the constant ringing in my ears (and in turn desktop-dependent) super important in maintaining my sanity/mental health...

I damn near beg whoever is in charge of such to re-implement the layout of the previous user interface so that the Liked Songs are moved back to the individual Artist's page as its removal with the new user interface has pretty much killed off my being able to even use the new Spotify desktop app at all (and in turn the aforementioned high quality headphones that I am dependent upon).

Additionally... might I add that putting the "About" section of each artist's page at the very bottom instead of at the very top of it is also a bad move in that having actual info about the artist listed as the very last thing on their page is really inefficient (if not disrespectful) given that it comes after other artist's work is recommended before you can even read about the artist whose page you clicked on to check out in the first place.

With that... I'd not only recommend returning the Liked Songs to each Artist's page, but also recommend structuring their pages so that it is presented in the following and more efficient order...

1) the About section;
2) the Liked Songs section;
3) the Popular songs section;
4) the Discography section;
5) the Offers section;
6) the Artist Playlists section;
7) the Featuring section;
😎 the Fans also like section.

I hope that whatever powers that be within the Spotify decision-making hierarchy that actually see this seriously consider, and really... just start straight up making moves to get the ball rolling on having at least the Like Songs (re)implemented to each Artist page, because if not... people such as myself that are a heavy, heavy users of the desktop app are highly likely to start transitioning to some other means of efficiently listening to the music that they love, which is something that I really hope I don't have to do after having already invested hundreds (if not thousands) of hours into piecing together a music library that serves as a key (if not primary) component of maintaining my sanity/mental health.


Updated on 2021-12-30

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that this feature is now available on Desktop. 


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


Yeah man I completely agree with you. The fact they took this feature out made the desktop app pretty much useless in my opinion.. Like you I am also reliant on the desktop app because my stereo is so old (it still says 'made in west germany') that i can´t connect it to something else.

Hoping someone listens to what you said and they´ll bring it back soon.

Status changed to: New Suggestion

Updated on 2021-04-09

Hello and thanks for bringing your feedback to the Idea Exchange. We've marked this as 'New Suggestion'.
Spotify Staff will look into this idea once it reaches the necessary amount of votes.

More information about how the Spotify Idea Exchange works can be found here.


The whole point of having the artists listed under a "your artists" section is it shows the tracks of that artist that you have personally indicated you like.

You can always go to the main artist page to see the rest of their oeuvre, but the entire point of personalisation is being able to customise to see the things that appeal to your own idiosyncratic tastes and not just generically see the same thing as everyone else.

I agree with the OP, The "artists" section of "Your Library" should show only the tracks you have "Liked" for that artist, and automatically show all artists for whom you have liked tracks. Just like it did originally before this functionality was removed.


I cannot express how much I dislike just about all of the changes they made to the desktop app with the latest update. I could understand a little frustration with adapting to a new layout, but and I feel that way about some of the changes, but removing the ability to view the songs I had liked from specific artists not only seems like an objectively worse change but pretty much destroyed how I spend about 50% of my time on Spotify. Honestly, I have a lot of playlists that I love on my Spotify, but I'm having trouble justifying paying for premium now that they've removed this. I might as well bust out the old record player if I have to listen to an artist's music by the album it's on.


This has to be the most ridiculous update I've ever come across, I've just been told by a support worker that it was to "streamline and enhance the user experience" neither of these are true, they've totally ruined it. if you're like me you don't want to have to listen to all of the live stuff an artist does, and realistically not everyone will like every song an artist puts out. We should still have the ability to play by artist and just the songs we want, what's the point in having premium if you can't listen to what you like? I'm not going to go through the effort of making a playlist for every artist because Spotify refuse to make this feature available again. Seriously considering cancelling premium and using another service. Get your act together Spotify! You're ruining your app which was perfectly usable before. It is absolute rubbish now 


The worst part about this is that users already complained about this exact issue for the mobile app update last year and the liked songs page was reinstated there, but the same mistake was still made when bringing the new layout to desktop. It seems mildly silly to be able to use my phone to be able to remote play a playlist of liked songs from a single artist that I can't access on my PC.


Probably just a communication issue between different teams working on similar things but it's definitely frustrating when trying to navigate the app. The new update is pretty rough to get used to from a usability point of view; hope that y'all take the feedback in and are able to figure out how to fit the old desktop app's functionality with the new visual tweaks.


With the new desktop UI update, we lost the ability to see saved songs by an artist. This is a big feature that is still on the mobile apps, I am confused on why it isn't on this new update, but it should be. It's necessary for me. 


Edit (4/29/2021): This idea has been implemented the same way as it is on mobile. Thanks, Spotify. (You can access it by going to an artists page, it should say liked songs to the right.)


If I may add, why is it that ideas get removed without asking the community? Aren't we the people who will make the greatest use out of them? I hate seeing such a good service being put to shame with their software, but it's true, there are always bugs or missing things, I love Spotify, but I hate seeing all of these problems.


So as per the Idea Exchange Guidelines that are described in detail here...

this has not only received the 50 +votes needed, but has done so well in advance of the three month cut off point.

In turn it should be upgraded from a "New Suggestion" to a "Good Suggestion"


Much thanks to all of you that have supported this idea via your + votes!

Hopefully people will continue to join us in doing the same well before the next six month cut off point and the Liked Songs feature will not only be restored to the Artist tab, but the content of the Artist tab will be organized in a much more efficient manner for the desktop app UI ASAP. 


tyvm for this. Just wanted to add that following "bring back thread" ( looks kinda similar to this feature bring-back. Please spotify combine the two requests. I need my artists page back, the playlist shuffling is horrible.