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[Desktop][Shows] Podcasts and Videos on Desktop

I'm really excited about the addition of podcasts on Spotify for mobile devices, but I wanted to listen to them on my work computer.  Do you have an estimate for when this will be available on the Desktop?

Updated on 2017-07-14

Hey folks! Starting with version 1.0.58, Desktop users will be able to find Podcast and Video in Your Library in the left navigation bar. 



What is this Bulls*it. Why is the Mobile Version getting different content (actually more content)

Why do i have to use 5 different devices to listen to the stuff i want.


I'm eagerly looking forward to a new podcast on Sunday just to find out that shows aren't out on desktop nor Sonos. Really kind of a bummer, I don't want to run around with earbuds at home.


As a premium user, I am really angry about the fact that video and podcasts are only available on mobiles. I listen to spotify all the day, but I dont use it on my mobile that often. The implementation cant be that difficult?!


Great idea - would really like to see this feature as soon as possible. Could imagine it to be implemented as one "album" per podcast/show.

This is ridiculous! How is the desktop app still lacking podcast support? Get it together Spotify, FFS, maybe I should just cancel my premium subscription.


Having Podcasts in the desktop version of Spotify would help me move away from iTunes. Hope this happens soon.


Finally switched fully to Spotify but as Apple Music is readying its V2 and has all features matching on desktop and mobile, I truly wondering why this seems to be taking so long (similar to deleting old radio stations from history).


I end up using my phone to cast from Podcast Addict or just goto sites like on my desktop and cast that much MORE than I use Spotify now. If I'm on PS4 I don't even bother launching spotify anymore due to lack of podcasts and the fact I've listened to most of the standup tracks.



If the goal is push users away your doing a great job!


This is ridiculous podcasts are not supported on Desktop. Podcasts have proven themselves on iTunes, and it seems they have more than proven themselves on Spotify mobile despite them being hards to find and listen to. Why has this simple idea taken Spotify 6 months? Still marked as a new idea? 


I listen to podcasts during my commute but would love to continue them at work through my desktop. 


This would be great!