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[Desktop][Shows] Podcasts and Videos on Desktop

I'm really excited about the addition of podcasts on Spotify for mobile devices, but I wanted to listen to them on my work computer.  Do you have an estimate for when this will be available on the Desktop?

Updated on 2017-07-14

Hey folks! Starting with version 1.0.58, Desktop users will be able to find Podcast and Video in Your Library in the left navigation bar. 


I am very frustrated that podcasts have been delegated into extreme tedium on the webapp. FRUSTRATING


I'm new to podcasts and found some very interesting ones, but sadly and foolishly Spotify plays them in reverse order. This question has been asked before for smart phones and tablets I guess but the solution (just click the three dots and select order by date) is simply not there. So for instance I'm trying to learn a new language and the podcasts starts with the most advanced lesson and gradually you get to the level of absolute novice. Great stuff. 

Maybe a way around would be to create a playlist in the order you want to
listen until an update fixes the order selection? ##- Please type your
reply above this line -##

Hi! In the desktop app, the podcast option has dissapeared, any updates on that?


I wish there were high-quality 1080p/4K official music videos on Spottify under the artists' pages. I'm tired of having to go to YouTube, whose videos are often low-quality and all over the pace...


I still can't find videos.


I think you guys should add an option to watch the video/podcast on other apps (like picture in picture) it would much better to multitask and watch it at the same time