[Desktop] Student Discount in Switzerland

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I just found out that there was some sort of student discount while watching a youtube video comparing apple music and spotify. This student discount quickly intrested me as I have been paying full price for spotify premium for the last year. I went on to the spotify website but was not able to find out how I can redeeme my student discount. After doing some reasearch with no answers I contacted spotify and found out that this is not world wide. If students in the US get a discount I dont know why students in switzerland don't. I think that the spotify student discount should also apply to switzerland so more students can enjoy great music.





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Definitely! Personally, I will not pay for Spotify Premium, but I am in when the students discount also applies for students in Switzerland.


Same here, whole EU has student discounts and Switzerland doesn't. It's not like we're paying already enough for premium...


 It would only be fair to let swiss students profit from student discounts.


have any offer for EU students? 

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Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

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Good news!

The student discount is now available in Switzerland

If you are still a student, check it out.

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Hey Switzerland! Spotify Premium for Students is here




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