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I would like to view the the album artwork at a bigger resolution. Full screen if it was possible.

Updated on 2019-03-20

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On Desktop It's possible to expand album artwork to full screen by clicking the two diagonal arrows in the bottom right of the screen (next to the volume bar).




Downloading from torrents or via .RAR files (wot I don't do anymore) usually gave you the album artwork as well as the music.  Probably would be possible for Spotify to add an app to album pic so that artwork is available (sleevenotes etc.).

Ask them nicely!!







The 'Complete Collection' app does show all the album art for a few dozen bands i.e. cover art and all stuff published with an album.  It's very well presented and fun to play with but, at present, very limited in artists available.  Don't know much more about it but it seems to provide what we're talking about.





I could not agree with this more. Its exactly what I came here to look into. 

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This is an excellent idea. The one thing I miss about physical albums (particularly vinyl records) is being able to see the album art.

This shouldn't be too hard, considering the iOS app/s displays a high resolution image for the retina display.


One implementation could be to change the link on the album to link to a 'lightbox' style pop-up with the high res artwork. This way, bandwidth would not be affected unless the user clicks on the image. Like this:

Hi Res Album Art


Now obvisouly I'm no UI expert, but the link is already there on the album art - it currently navigates back to the playing song. It could even be an option under the right-click menu as "Show Large Album Art".

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Status changed to: Not Right Now


Hello folks, first at all, sorry for the delay on updating this idea.

We have a lot of them coming in every day and sometimes it is hard to prioritize.

We really love this idea and we are actually considering now the album artwork view although not full screen. At the moment we are going to mark it as "Not right now" but check this thread out for future updates. We might come back to this soon.

Thanks a lot for all your ideas, we really appreciate this. 🙂

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Nice. It might be an idea to get the design team to investigate this while looking at the album art library view.


Yeah Metalheads alike need to see all that fancy detail behind the darkness, bones, and flames.


This is a great idea. And I would LOVE to be able to see liner notes from albums.


Please add this  feature in your priority list. Please include back and front side of the album so users can explore some details about albums. Thanks

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I kinda like how itunes has their album art, as a suggestion. Only complaint I have about Spotify. Small album art. You can't see any detail. I don't necessarily want just the art bigger, but somehow interactive, like the player just turns into the album artwork if you want it to. I mean I get that sifting through music, you don't want it huge, but while you are listening, some of the experience of listening is looking at the artwork. ONLY COMPLAINT... please put at priority, cause it really does make the experience better. I could just listen to the music on my itunes, but if it helps artists, I would rather do it here. Make it more inviting to do so please :).