[Desktop] View larger Album Art


I would like to view the the album artwork at a bigger resolution. Full screen if it was possible.

Updated on 2019-03-20

Hey folks, 


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea. 


On Desktop It's possible to expand album artwork to full screen by clicking the two diagonal arrows in the bottom right of the screen (next to the volume bar).




If a user clicks on the left enlarged album art it should open the photo full screen.  When the next song plays the photo cross-fades to next album photo. Coming from UX expert this seems like a pretty simple feature request.

Casual Listener

Yes Yes Yes!!!

Like others I would so love for this to happen. 

Some of the artwork on the covers is amazing, and it's such a shame that it only appears as icon size, even after expanding it to the max.

Olease, pretty please, bump this up the priority!



Yes, album artwork is something I miss from the CD/vinyl world. The 'complete collection' app is ok, but it should have been FULL SCREEN. The magnifying effect is not satisfactory. 


So, if Spotify makes artwork available, make it full screen please. 


Another thing. On the artist page, there shoud at least be an active link to the artist's homepage, and maybe even an option to subscribe to any new releases of this artist. 


Hi - I'm a new premium subscriber. Please make this happen pronto.



I emailed Spotify support about larger resolution of album art and they directed me to this forum. Great idea people! I'm glad I'm not the only one that would like to view the album art at full screen!

We really do need this. im always trying to see what is really on the artwork. Also if this goes down it should work on our phones too!!!!


Thanks spotify team!!


come on spotify,.....i want larger album art...please? 

The Album art is a important of experiencing the artist expression of their music. Ask any artist. It would greatly increase my enjoyment of Spotify.

Being able to view larger album art is definitely something I miss. Spotify has essentially replaced all of my other music-consumption software over the past year, to the point where I don't even feel the need to keep music files on my phone. That being said, iTunes has trained us all so well to expect things to behave a certain way, so not being able to access larger album art is a bit jarring.


Hi fellow Spotify customers!


Large album art is obviously something that is trivial for Spotify's R&D to build and support. The only reason it is not available in the common Mac OS / Windows clients must be for contractual reasons with the record companies. Trust me, someone has done a cost benefit analysis on this and has concluded that it's not worth it. People still pay their subscriptions.


I wonder why it is available on the ipad in such glorious formats. Oh, wait. It's much harder to capture screen shots on the ipad, crop parts of the image and use it in ways not meant to be used. That must be it.


Still, 99 SEK is ok for what you're getting. For now.