[Desktop] [Windows] Return Spotify to the system tray

Since version 1.0.1. (yesterday), the system tray icon is gone. And with it the functionality to close Spotify and remove it from the task bar while it still being active.


I feel this is a huge reduction in functionality and usability, and urge the return of the system tray icon. Minimizing the application should remove it from the task bar and put it in the system tray, so that it does not hog the limited space on the task bar.


Personally I rarely enter the Spotify main application, only to select a different playlist. It has no permanent place on my task bar.



Updated: 2015-06-15


Hey guys, the option to change this in your preferences is rolling out with the 1.0.7 Desktop version. 

Just go to your Preferences and click Advanced Settings. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.37.44 AM.png


You'll then see the option to turn on the option Close button should minimize the Spotify window to the Tray

window behavior.png


Thanks for your feedback everyone.


This MUST be fixed immediately. Thank you for posting. 


I agree. Why remove minimize to tray??


I was thinking about to go premium the last couple of days...

But after the update a few hours ago I changed my mind oO..
I`m extremly pissed of....to be honest
This is an essential function!!! How would somebody be so stupid and remove it!`?!?!??!


Thanks for the support and kudos everyone! Good to see I am not the only one confused about this.



Just please let's all remember that insulting the product team does not get them to grant our wishes. Someone must've thought hard about removing this functionality, so I assume it is for a reason.


I just do not see the reason, and posted this here to ask them to reconsider before rolling this out officially.


"thought hard"...

I bet this "someone" has to think hard a lot of times...
I cant even copy spotify-links anymore...this is a joke...

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Fortunately for me I havent been upgraded to this version yet but, if and when it happens, I'll be pretty annoyed as I use the sys tray icon a lot.


I may well be wrong, but I seem to remember this happening before (quite a while ago) and, after much complaining, the sys tray icon was returned.


And once again, I would like to point out that we need a new status level for this sort of thing. Its not a "New Idea", this is a "put back the functionality we never wanted removed"!


don`t update it!!!!! 😄
its not the only thing they f***** up with this update!!
As i already said, it isnt possible to copy spotify-links anymore...
And when you hit the x to close the programm and reopen it, it sets automatically the switch to remember your login data...even
if you uncheck it over and over again!
And don`t think that this was all of it 😄
To demonstrate their ultimate lack of (design) skills, the splitted up the controls, so that "play/pause",
"back" and forward is on the left and the volume and the rest is on the right...
And i bet there is more...but i stopped using it...it only drives me mad..

I dont want to image how i would feel if i would have payed for this s*** ....i was so close to go premium....
thank god the update came before!
I used it for free and i`m still totally dissapointed how they are trying to destroy something that worked so good!

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It should at least be brought in as an option, but to be fair, Microsoft's design guidelines for the taskbar is for currently active programs to live there, and the system tray is for utilities etc that don't require constant interaction.
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Maybe some day I will understand their updates, but at the moment I really don't:


I'm on

1. +1 for bringing Spotify back to the tray.

2. +1 for minimizing Spotify to the tray when clicking "X" (I guess this is because there is no tray functionality anymore)

3. -1 for splitting up Play/Stop/Prev/Next and Volume control and Playback options. This makes perfectly...no sense at all...


I'm going back to whatever version was cool.