[Desktop] [Windows] Return Spotify to the system tray

Since version 1.0.1. (yesterday), the system tray icon is gone. And with it the functionality to close Spotify and remove it from the task bar while it still being active.


I feel this is a huge reduction in functionality and usability, and urge the return of the system tray icon. Minimizing the application should remove it from the task bar and put it in the system tray, so that it does not hog the limited space on the task bar.


Personally I rarely enter the Spotify main application, only to select a different playlist. It has no permanent place on my task bar.



Updated: 2015-06-15


Hey guys, the option to change this in your preferences is rolling out with the 1.0.7 Desktop version. 

Just go to your Preferences and click Advanced Settings. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.37.44 AM.png


You'll then see the option to turn on the option Close button should minimize the Spotify window to the Tray

window behavior.png


Thanks for your feedback everyone.

Casual Listener

My player just updated (itself) to version I am really disappointed that I cannot minimize it to the system tray. Who came up with this "bright idea"???


Please revert to the old solution. Thank you. 


Have been annoyed by this feature removal for some time now, and would like to see this feature brought back to Spotify. The last version that worked for me was 0.9.xxx. The sad part is that if you do a reinstall via www.spotify.com/download you get that version, but what happens after a restart of the application?!? Well you might have guessed it... it auto updates (my current, and most recent is version


I have been a paying customer almost since the very beginning, but I am more than just considering moving to other services like Vimp.


Seriously, music applications in general (ex: Winamp) have always traditionally had the ability to minimize to the system tray. 


Super super annoying "update".


Spotify should also make the window permanently modal so I can't minimize it. (For premium members only of course).


Minizing to the system tray is the most basic functionality of a music player.

Winamp had it in the 90s.

Do your designers have any user experience training at all?


What's wrong with you guys? I want to minimize Spotify to the tray, it really feels like it's in my way of doing stuff now.


Really bad job this time.


Somebody should be fired there for the update.


I will cancel my spotify premium account by next month if this is not solved.


Plx bring back the system tray option, and re-design the program 'coz this new visual take a really big place in the screen.


I absolutely love Spotify, and am a long time user/subscriber and I support the companies mission wholeheartedly. I remember the days waiting for big names such as Metallica to come to Spotify. However, today after updating the client ( and taking some time to admire the great changes that were made, I realized that the minimize to tray functionality has been removed. I have to let you know that I just paid for Amazon Prime recently for the shipping benefits, and I checked out their music player. I decided that it was so unpolished and intrusive into the work space, due to the application not being able to be minimized to the tray, that I was going to continue using and paying for Spotify. I am now seriously considering switching to Amazon Prime Music and discontinuing the use of Spotify as my music player of choice. This is very unfortunate as I was considering adding my wife to the premium subscription via your Spotify Family service. Removing the minimize to tray functionality is a huge mistake to those of us that use our computers for work which requires multiple windows open at a time (ask your developers). A simple Google search can verify that there are many others like me that believe this functionality is a part of what makes Spotify such a great solution for us. Please reconsider this change.


Spotify, can you please explain this decision. It was even hard to find some info on the web about the change. (Using


in the meanwhile.. google filehippo for latest usable version of spotify ( and use this guide to prevent it from auto-upgrading: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Help-Desktop-Linux-Mac-and/Tutorial-stop-auto-update-and-use-old-cl...


i feel really much better after the downgrade! 🙂