[Desktop] [Windows] Return Spotify to the system tray

Since version 1.0.1. (yesterday), the system tray icon is gone. And with it the functionality to close Spotify and remove it from the task bar while it still being active.


I feel this is a huge reduction in functionality and usability, and urge the return of the system tray icon. Minimizing the application should remove it from the task bar and put it in the system tray, so that it does not hog the limited space on the task bar.


Personally I rarely enter the Spotify main application, only to select a different playlist. It has no permanent place on my task bar.



Updated: 2015-06-15


Hey guys, the option to change this in your preferences is rolling out with the 1.0.7 Desktop version. 

Just go to your Preferences and click Advanced Settings. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.37.44 AM.png


You'll then see the option to turn on the option Close button should minimize the Spotify window to the Tray

window behavior.png


Thanks for your feedback everyone.

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I have the version "1.01.1060" and I also do not have the system tray icon.


I lost it when the program updated itself to this version yesterday.


This is quite annoying.


Please bring back the system tray option.


Why, you guys at Customer Experience Center, would you do such a thing like removing the system tray options...


Same here.. It's was a boring update, to be honest.. ://


This is incredibly irritating.  I've accidentally closed the app 5 times since I updated it earlier today and it's cluttering my work taskbar.  What an awful change.


Up to 15 times now.


I like the new update very much but this option should come back. Maybe as an optional feature?


I've never had a reason to post here until now...


Why remove perfectly working features? You confuse and alienate your userbase doing stuff like this. As others have mentioned I now accidentally shutdown Spotify when I'm trying to minimize.


I've paid for Spotify for a long time, and this is a pretty big step backwards. Understand how people use your software before changing it, or lose your subscribers. We don't need new versions of the software that constantly change the layout and functionality. We just want to listen to music without hassle. If it's not broken, don't fix it..

Casual Listener

- Bring back minimize to tray. I have closed the app 500 times just today.

- Move that volume control to the left. It's so annoying when you have a widescreen to control playback and volume.

- Bring back ctrl+z functionality. I was using it when accidentally deleted a song from playlist. It doesnt work anymore.


This is not an update, first public version was better than this. Everything is ugly, not useful etc. You removed apps too.. I was using spotify because of apps.


Cancelled my subscription, hope you roll back the update and I can use my old good spotify again.




I'm pretty sure someone from Spotify team have seen this: https://www.reddit.com/r/CrazyIdeas/comments/1as8of/when_i_click_the_x_in_the_top_right_corner_of/ a... and took it serious.


I'm spotify premium user for a 2 years now and I'm really sad that most of function I've been using are removed. I mean: CTRL+F in playlist, minimizing instead closing (also minimize to tray), APPS! (tune wiki/musixmatch/especially pitchfork). Not to mention new app has even more free space in its interface. There are so many thing you could make better - like support for hidpi displays (Spotify looks terribly on 3200x1800 on 13", fonts and album arts are pixelated and so on).

Casual Listener

Why was this marked as a new idea? It is an old idea that was implemented successfully since the first version, and now inexplicably removed! Could we get a blog post attempting to explain why a clearly-incomplete, regressive build was pushed to the update channel?


Like other people, it is habit for me to close the application. This of course now exits instead of minimizing to the system tray as it has done for the years I have been using it.


I also really liked being able to see what track was playing from the system tray icon's context menu.