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[Desktop][Your Library] Bring Back Separate Song Title and Artist

Not sure who thought it was a great idea to reformat how one can view songs by artist or by title...? It is much more convenient to have the two, side by side, while viewing a library rather than only being able to view the artist name or song name under the other...

Updated on 2023-11-14

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that a Compact mode which hides the album art and displays the song's title and artist under two separate columns in playlists and albums is now available on the desktop app and the Web Player! Check out @MattSuda's post here for a detailed overview.


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better by participating here on the Community 💚

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Good news!


There is now a new Compact Mode for track lists (playlists and album pages) in the desktop app and Web Player


The drop down menu now has "Sort by" and "View as" options. To turn on compact mode, open up the drop down menu at the top right of a playlist or album page and click on "Compact" under "View as".


On Playlist pages, it removes the album art, and breaks out "Title" and "Artist" into their own separate columns again. This view is similar to before the redesign that added album art into playlists a few years ago.


On Album pages, it moves the artist and featured artists from below each track title, to a new "Artist" column to the right of the "Title" column.


When you turn on Compact Mode, it will be remembered and stay on when you are viewing both playlists and album pages. You can switch back to the regular "List" view at any time.


The new Compact Mode for track lists is rolling out in the desktop app and Web Player right now so you should be seeing it soon. This has been a highly requested feature since the redesign came out a few years ago.


Desktop Compact List Mode.png


i am so happy now!!! thank you for giving us this option!


Does anybody get this working for the Album list view under Discography?      I can't seem to find the option for compact anywhere in that view?


It works fine for a single album, but seems to be missing for that view.


This is kind of annoying, because this is where I mainly browse and it would benefit a lot by this.


Also, the selection of compact mode seems to be the same for playlists and albums which is strange.


For a playlist it can make sense to show the album graphics as the songs comes from different albums.


For an album (or discography) view it is not really meaningful to allocate that space as everything is for the album displayed just above the list.


So in essence, this should be updated to have a different compact-state for playlists vs albums (+fixing the compact view for discography mode).