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Discount Family Subscriptions!

Before I made the switch from Rdio to Spotify they (Rdio) came up with a pricing model that allowed families to purchase a slightly discounted subscription.  


$9.99 for single unlimited user

$17.99 for 2 family members (20% discount)

$22.99 for 3 family members (50% discount)


Would love to see a similar pricing model so the rest of the family could get in on the action!

Updated: 2015-04-23

Hey folks! We've introduced Spotify Family. With Premium for Family, you and up to 5 members of the same household can each enjoy their own Premium account. All for one discounted price of $14.99.

Thanks for your kudos in the Community--we want your feedback.


Sort it out Spotify.


It's been over a year now since your chief content officer said family plans are "definitely coming" at SXSW.


Otherwise I'll just go back to iTunes and pay per song I download, which I can then put on multiple devices. This shouldn't be THAT hard to setup!




really hope this comes soon or i'll be changing to rdio. i have more friends here, but my wife is really unimpressed that she can't use and paying double when rdio offers a more affordable plan, just doesn't work with our finances




Are you listening?


I have 2 kids and a partner and I am currently trying to manage with 1 account as I don't really want to pay £40/month for the service - £20 I would to allow us all to have individual accounts.


It cannot be that difficult technically - surely its just a commercial decision? 


I am becoming exasperated with being on the underground in London - thinking "I I know I will listen to my spotify offline playlist" and what happens - not available offline for some reason. I am assuming it is related to trying to use my account for 3 people.


PLEASE sort this out - I think it would increase your revenue rather than take away.


Just to echo a previous comment - I will go back to using iTunes and buying £10 worth of tracks per month as at least I know they will work.




It would work just like rhapsody for 15 bucks a month for 3 devices that all can stream at once. I think spotify feels they got the music community where they want them and have more than enough users to bother with it. Why should they give us a better family deal when they can make it all at 10 bucks per user. Very sad for a company to be that way.





This thread has been up for over a year and Spotify has not done a thing, they are not going to do anything because they are making more money this way than they would by making a discount model. 


I convinced my family to buy a subscription then had to cancel when we realized you cant play on more than one device at once. What a joke! We are switching to Rdio, thanks for the suggestions everybody.


"Thanks for being patient, and thanks to everyone who has voted this up and made this a very big requested Spotify idea.


We are hearing you all loud and clear!"


What a joke !


Shamran !


This would be awesome, now we have 2 accounts but with 2 kids that has tablets and phones it would be great if we could have their own accounts for each and every one.

A fair deal for families would be great for us!


In fact it is a shame - one year back they where hearing us loud and clear and they just do nothing. This is a demonstration of how one should not go with the paying customers. My decision for spotifiy was based on this model and I am shure that they could make MORE money overall with a model like that. I am dissapointed....


Having a family of 6, spotify is simply to expensive.


We are 2 adults with 4 children with a cell-phone each, and 2 ipads ( and one more coming) and 6 computers - so a single subscription simply doesn’t cut it, and having individual subscriptions is not an option either due to pricing.


As a result we don't even have a single subscription because who will then have the access and who will not - it is simply easier to not have the access at all.


Any solution for this problem would be welcome.


More than a year has passed since Spotify announced that they were "looking into the possibility" to introduce a family subscription. Today I'm paying for 4 Premium subscriptions. 


I have announced for all at home that as of end of April we will be sharing ONE subscription and if they have any complaints about this contact Spotify...


Greed (Spotify's...) comes at a cost.