[Discover Weekly] Like & Dislike Buttons

Status: Implemented
While discovering new music is of course full of adventure and wonder when you find music you've never heard of, especially when you fall in love.
The spotify personalized discover weekly playlists was a phenomenal idea and so far I'm loving my playlist. But there's a song on there I KNOW I don't like, and I wish I could ban that artist from ever showing up again.
If developers added a like or dislike button, or even a ban artist feature, it would make discovering music more personalized. If you know you don't ever want to discover another Kenny Chesney song ever again, you should be able to voice that. If you like discovering a certain kind of song, that "like" should be heard so you can discover more of it. I'm looking forward to my next playlist, I just wish it was more "personalized".

Updated on 2018-07-03


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this idea in the Community.

We’re excited to announce that Like & Dislike Buttons have now been made available for Discover Weekly.
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I am trying to figure out how Spotify has determined my personalized Discovery Playlist, as I have disliked nearly every song they have selected (there have been maybe 2 I have listened to again; for this week's offering I could not listen through an entire track).  With over 3 years of data on my musical habits, it is as if they don't know my taste at all.

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Updated: 2015-09-23

Thanks for your feedback everyone. We're definitely looking at ways to help improve recommendations across Spotify, that's why today we're marking this as 'Good Idea'. Please continue to leave your kudos and feedback here


I just singed up here to give Kudos in this thread. I DEFFINITELY like on average 5 songs of the Weekly Discover playlist. 

I mean, as a diverse person, I often save the typical "party" playlist, so I can listen to it with friends (who dislike my likes); or the "Karaoke" with the most lame and popular songs everybody know the lyrics of.


However this doesn't imply i like that music for listening. 


I wonder if "secret playlist" would help in the algorithm of finding my perfect playlist.


AND the algorith should be based in the songs I listened for more than half of the song. Sometimes I have a playlist because I like 70% of the songs and it's just stupid to create another playlist based on the one I found just because my Weekly Discover decided I like the one artist I skipped.


Did I explain myself?


I feel like this could also be used to help the shuffle algorithm. If you're listening to a playlist on shuffle and you hear a song that you really like, but the shuffle alg never gives you, just hit 'play this more' and it'll play more.  This would only affect the playlist you were listening to at the time. 


About 10 % of my Spotify time is spent listening to my hand-picked favourites and 90 % is just putting on whatever playlist is recommended today. The result? Most of my weekly rec lists are all-miss. I'd love to have a way to give Spotify more direct feedback on what kind of music I really like and would like to hear more.


I was about to make this same suggestion. I'm so SICK of Spotify putting acoustic covers of rap/hip hop/R&B songs on my playlists. I have never IN MY LIFE liked an acoustic cover of a rap/hip hop/R&B song and I'm so sick of them trying to shove them down my throat on my playlist lol. This is like when Apple put that U2 album on everyone's iPhone and we couldn't remove it. Stop trying to make acoustic covers happen, Spotify!!


Yes. I like and dislike  button or something similar is required for Weekly discovery playlist. Also a way to track them (when they change exactly?) and i dunno, but i hope spotify is takinf into account if the user listen or not an specific song choosen in this playlist.




I had the same idea. A bit late I guess.

100% behind this suggestion. I do like discover weekly but I think it needs the "like, OK, dislike" feedback function. In theory each week should then get better.




Maybe I haven't been using Spotify long enough (about 4 months) but my Discover Weekly playlist is pretty disappointing. There's nothing in it even remotely similar to what I've been listening to lately.  Most of the selections are akin to my mom trying to pick out my school clothes back in middle shcool.  So, add me to list of people who think a Like/OK/Dislike set-up would help a lot.  (Even better would be a tool where I could hand Spotify a handful of songs and say "find me more like this.")


Yes! Totally agree!

In my case, for instance, there's one music genre that I usually don't like but there's ONE exception, one specific band that I really like. Therefore, I have lots of their songs in my main playlist. Because of this, I believe, Discover Weekly always suggests A LOT of songs within this genre, and I just don't like any of them. It's unlikely that I'll add any of those to my playlist, so it would be perfect if I could show them. "Like" and "dislike" buttons would be so awesome!