[Discover Weekly] Like & Dislike Buttons

Status: Implemented
While discovering new music is of course full of adventure and wonder when you find music you've never heard of, especially when you fall in love.
The spotify personalized discover weekly playlists was a phenomenal idea and so far I'm loving my playlist. But there's a song on there I KNOW I don't like, and I wish I could ban that artist from ever showing up again.
If developers added a like or dislike button, or even a ban artist feature, it would make discovering music more personalized. If you know you don't ever want to discover another Kenny Chesney song ever again, you should be able to voice that. If you like discovering a certain kind of song, that "like" should be heard so you can discover more of it. I'm looking forward to my next playlist, I just wish it was more "personalized".

Updated on 2018-07-03


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this idea in the Community.

We’re excited to announce that Like & Dislike Buttons have now been made available for Discover Weekly.
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Hi! When do you plan to do this? It's taking too long.


Apparently this feature has been added, but it is automatically adding the song to my main music list just because i liked the song. I'm not fond of this. It is already very easy to add a song to my musics if i want to, so just liking it is enough.


My logic is that when i <add> a song, is because i want it for my life. In the other hand, <like> a song is to tell spotify algorithm "gimme more of that"




This feature now works on the new update to Free version.

You can block artists and individual tracks. Great tool for blocking explicit tracks and horrible artists.


Im curious what is the block amount limit?


I'm into blocking an individual artist but as a user i'd be concerned about giving an artist a dislike - because I dont understand what it'll do to the algorythm. Will it downvote all songs in the genre? Will it make related artists less likely to appear? I just want to neve hear 'group therapy' in my playlists ever again. 


Where are we on this? In terms of actually implementing it?

As far as I understand the new function there are two options to choose
from when hitting the "dislike"-button:
- "I don't like this song" which will probably lead to less songs that were
heard within a playlist with that song
- "I don't like this artist" which will block the whole artist from
appearing in autogenerated playlists/mixtapes

This is such a badly needed feature.


Furthermore it would be ideal if users could specify whether they are disliking the artist, the album or the song.


Get it implemented!


Thank you for finally adding this to Release Radar as well as Discover Weekly!! My release radar is about to get a lot more interesting.