[Discover Weekly] Like & Dislike Buttons

While discovering new music is of course full of adventure and wonder when you find music you've never heard of, especially when you fall in love.
The spotify personalized discover weekly playlists was a phenomenal idea and so far I'm loving my playlist. But there's a song on there I KNOW I don't like, and I wish I could ban that artist from ever showing up again.
If developers added a like or dislike button, or even a ban artist feature, it would make discovering music more personalized. If you know you don't ever want to discover another Kenny Chesney song ever again, you should be able to voice that. If you like discovering a certain kind of song, that "like" should be heard so you can discover more of it. I'm looking forward to my next playlist, I just wish it was more "personalized".

Updated on 2018-07-03


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this idea in the Community.

We’re excited to announce that Like & Dislike Buttons have now been made available for Discover Weekly.
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I'll add my 'ditto' here. My Discover Weekly playlist was completely ruined this week. Before, it was perfect. Then I listened to a 'sleep music' album and it wants me to listen to 'zen meditation' instrumentals, dreadful top-40 CCM tunes, and whale songs. I've deleted the offending playlist, but I hope it won't take long to get back to the kind of music I like to listen to when I am awake!


 yes please! would make discover playlist usable. 

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Apparently I already gave kudos to this idea, though I don't remember doing so. Please, PLEASE implement this soon. It seems to me like you could combine bits of the radio code with the playlist technology to make a special playlist like this. I don't like weird anomalies like gangsta rap in the middle of my rock music or for my entire playlist to be full of 'zen meditation' if I happened to listen to a sleep music album.


I also need the ability to exclude certain albums from consideration. I had to purchase my sleep music album on Amazon and listen to it separately so it doesn't influence my Spotify suggestions.

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Really sick of getting weird songs in my playlist. Some of them are kind of horrific and uncomfortable. Let me block artists or at least downvote them to not appear in this playlist anymore.


To Whom It May Concern:


As a software analyst and Spotify member for about 3+ years please take this request seriously. The Charts, the Radio Stations, and even Albums should have a function that works like the suggested above. Please consider the following:

 * Buttons for these functions,

  * Strongly dislike song please do not ever play again (all platforms)

  * This material is inappropriate and should be restricted (all platforms)

  * Standard Play [rather than Shuffle Play] as the default option (on mobile devices) for Playlists and Artist Radio

  * Continue this playlist but remove this song and all similar songs from the remaining tracks


If I am not mistaken,

it seems that due to the unique audio waveform of each song, the sophisticated technology that can define and desribe then catelog all songs, as well as database sophistication that can track this data above for each member based on their selections using the buttons, it should not be that difficult to add these enhancements in a future release of the Spotify platform.


From my understanding,

there are straightforward logic paths for these functions and relatively simple programming to complete the necessary steps to determine if songs play based on use of these commands if the data is stored in a standardized and uniform manner on a table and the code is added as a module with its own separate routine apart from the exisiting set of code. That is my suggestion.


In my humble opinion,

this would vastly improve the Spotify platform above competitors interfaces and capabilities. As of now Spotify is my default music go to system. However there are two major competitors that are closing the gap.


Let me know if there are questions or I can assist in any way. And KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Thank you,



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This idea MUST be implemented, I absolutly hate some artist like Fety Wap I don't ever want to hear this guy, please make a way to dislike artists.


I love the Discover Weekly playlist but the Spotify recommendation bot is sneaking in Christian songs which is not at ALL what I want to listen to.  No offense to Christian rock fans, but it's not for me.  A simple 'no thanks' to teach Spotify not to serve me Christian songs would do the trick.   PS. this issue becomes slightly offensive after it happens a few times.  thanks!


Someone mentioned the three button idea of having a Like, Dislike, and a Maybe (Maybe Later) buttons. Then if the Like button could also add the song to a "Like from Discover Weekly" playlist that would be even better! I love Spotify and this would make me love it more!

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I'm proud of how many kudos my idea has gotten. But we are 489 kudos in (I think) and haven't heard of any progress on this. I'd love to hear whether it's been considered or not, or if it's in development or anything, really.

Yeah, it would be nice to get any reply at all.