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[Discover Weekly] Prevent Duplicates in Discover Weekly Playlists

For the past month or so, I've had so many repeats of songs on my Discover Weekly playlist.  Now, I can count on 5-10 songs that I've had before on the playlist. 

Is there a way to mix up the algorithm?  Or maybe an option to eleminate songs that have been on the playlist before?

Updated on 2017-08-25

Hey @earthquakepanda you'll be happy to know the team behind Discover Weekly recently rolled out a fix for seeing duplicates in your DW. We're marking this as implemented, but if you continue to see duplicates please let us know. Thanks!


Im getting same problem. Repeat of already played songs in my DW



Today I had a song that is simply a remix of a song I already heard many times. 

What is your opinion on that ? Should remixes be considered as new songs ? 

Personnaly, I dont feel like this is a song that I discovered.


I’m OK with remixes, mainly because: 1. They can be substantially different and 2. Remixed by other artists I might enjoy getting to know.

Also seems it would be very difficult to create an algorithm to avoid this. I wouldn’t want to risk loosing ‘covers’ of songs I might already have.


Hi from Italy !

I'm a Premium user since four years ago, but it's many weeks that "Discover Weekly" proposes me songs that I really don't like !

What about algorithm and big data  ??





I'm only 5 songs deep in DW and I've already been recomended two songs that are already in my library. 😕


It's not called REDISOVER WEEKLY. 


I get duplicates almost every week and now I got intros from albums I have listened to many times on Spotify. Why? This is a constant problem still and this post is from 8 months ago. It has not been fixed. 


This response is almost a year old and I continue to get songs from previous lists and sometimes twice on the same list, instrumentals too. Why am I "discovering" an instrumental of an album I already have listened to, mulitple times over? This is silly because the problem is not fixed. It's irritating it is being branded as something it is clearly not. Please fix it. 


I logged in just to say that it's not Sept 2018, this issue seems to date back to at least 2016, and it's STILL happening. At least 30% of this weeks list are songs I have listened to in the past, been in previous discovery, or are in my songs list already.


This really isn't hard, spotify. Discovery should be your special sauce, but it seems like you've abandoned it.


 I got three songs from previous weeks just this Monday. I cancelled my spotify subscription because of this. They have close to the whole Beatles catalouge. I covet that but I hate branding and throwing money at problems more than I covet any music. The service is ok. It's good but you constantly expect your patrons to do your work. Get people to do the Discover Weekly. You have the money. This is pathetic and you get away with it because people think they can't live without your service. Well, I am not in that camp. Your service sucks for what you brand it. Pandora doesn't over extend themselves and then delusionally explain away the fix that never happened. Y'all are too cheap to pay the artists and too cheap to fix your algorithms then y'all shouldn't be in business.


 A week since I posted this, I am six songs into my new discovery playlist and 3 of them were either ones I received before, or are in my favorites already.