[Discover Weekly] Prevent Duplicates in Discover Weekly Playlists

For the past month or so, I've had so many repeats of songs on my Discover Weekly playlist.  Now, I can count on 5-10 songs that I've had before on the playlist. 

Is there a way to mix up the algorithm?  Or maybe an option to eleminate songs that have been on the playlist before?

Updated on 2017-08-25

Hey @earthquakepanda you'll be happy to know the team behind Discover Weekly recently rolled out a fix for seeing duplicates in your DW. We're marking this as implemented, but if you continue to see duplicates please let us know. Thanks!

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Every week is getting worse... discover weekly is becoming: “try to listen this song again”... It don’t seem so difficult to discard what you have already heard thousens of times in a discovery list


I found some gems in this week's disover weekly playlist but there a couple of songs in discover weekly that were already in my library. It's not REdiscover weekly. 


It seemed to have been fixed but this week again, I have old songs in the Disover Weekly, some of them even already exist in my library. This feature was the only reason I've subscribed to Spotify, if it continuos like this, I will reconsider.  


Discover Weekly

Many songs I already had in my library or playlist. What discovery are you talking about?


Marked as implemented along time ago, but the situation is still the same now. Discovery weekly is hardly discovery at all. Why does it have to be just weekly? Why can't there be a refresh button like there is on the suggested track when you are creating a playlist? The tech is already there, just give me the button.